Aba (Enyimba City), one of the commercial cities in the eastern region of Nigeria. Where people create micro transport businesses to satisfy the needs of mobility. Certainly, Aba is not alone in this long-lasting trend that has been around for many decades. I could remember in the 80s and 90s, a Japanese MPV (Multipurpose Van) Mitsubishi L300. It raises to be one of the must-have buses for transporting passengers from A-B destinations in the city. Then to import used cars to Aba takes some months because different services are involved. But now we are in an age where to import used cars to Aba from Germany or the USA take weeks. Read more to know how it works.

Hangout With Jeff – A Transporter In Aba

Jeff Eke, a resident of the city in the third generation of his family transport business. He owns three Mitsubishi L300 buses and wants to expand. In a hangout with Jeff, he asked this question:

Can I directly import used cars to Aba from Germany or the US without being there?

Jeff Eke, A Transporter in Aba

Sure, You can Jeff. However, it might be good for you to consider who will help you to:

  • find the right car
  • ship it
  • clearing it from the custom in Lagos.
  • arrange for the transportation to Aba

An importer may have a clearing agent or can arrange for the transport of the vehicle to Aba once it arrives in the seaport in Nigeria. That means someone in abroad has to buy and ship the car you found online for you. Thus, the internet makes buy and sell borderless that anyone with access to it can profit from this great medium.

Buy Used Autos Online, Unchain The Power Of Internet

Why buying used autos online is a good option for cheap and fresh car hunters? Because you can use the power of the internet to buy vehicles in Germany or the US cheaper. Whether you run a transport business or own a dealership, there is no way to be more profitable than importing the cars you sell or use yourself. We know it is not common for a private car buyer or dealer in Aba to get closer and direct contact with the dealerships in abroad.

But hey… that’s why we are in the business to build the bridge that is missing.

You can get your car as you requested it via an auto broker service in Nigeria with a branch in Germany. It doesn’t matter what you want to use the car for; private or commercial – for a taxi or taxi alternatives like Uber and Co. We are here to see you get your choice of vehicle. Most importantly, to request a car or truck on our website is 100% free. We are here to satisfy your vehicle importation needs.

How You Can Profit From Our Experience As German Used Car Broker

For more than a decade we have been in the automobile industry and over nine years serving our customers as auto brokers for USA and German used cars. Our customers come from a variety of sectors like private and commercial; automotive, health, and education mostly in Lagos – where our company is first established.

Today Car Buyers Broker is bringing you a simplified service that will unchain you from traditional and unpackage process of buying or importing cars to Aba. Request for a car right from the comfort of your bedroom in just a few steps – we will process it for you. From finding the car in Germany or the USA, shipping and clearing it from the customs and finally handing it over to you.

If you want to know the exact cost of importing a car….

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