What rarely states in the cost of shipping cars from Germany to Nigeria is the cost of transporting it from the location of the shipping agent to the shipping terminal. Why? Because in most cases the shipping agencies merge this cost to the amount shipping line charged them. Making it possible for an agent that is closer to the shipping terminal like in Hamburg or Antwerp to charge a lesser amount for shipment than an agent located 400km away from the same terminal. But in most cases, cars are expensive in such places.

Before Buying A Car Check Its Location

When planning to import your next car from Germany you may consider checking the distance between the shipping terminal and the location of the car, if you want to do it yourself. And this is one of the ways you can explain the price differences in Germany.

How Location Influences The Cost Of Shipping Cars In Germany

For instance, you buy a car in Hamburg and take it to the shipping terminal in the same city. Here the cost of transportation may be €50,00 and the cost of shipment from Hamburg to Nigeria maybe €275,00. The total cost becomes €325,00. But what if the car is located about 300km away from Hamburg shipping terminal? This is where the shipping agents in Germany can help reduce the cost via bulk transportation. For this distance, the total cost of shipment becomes between €450,00 – €550,00 with their services. Here the cost of transporting the vehicle to the shipping terminal is included.

Consider Transportation Cost When Doing It Yourself

It may interest you to know that the transportation cost of a vehicle within Germany can strongly influence your budget for importing a car. Now let me explain how this could happen. In the below example in which

John is the importer in Nigeria,

James the car seller and

Cynthia the shipping agent are both in Germany:

John the importer finds Volkswagen Sharan 2.0 with air condition via online. The multipurpose van is in a remote area in Munich, which is the location of James the seller. The distance between James and Cynthia is exactly 400km. Now if John chooses to buy this car and wants to ship it through Cynthia. He has to pay the transportation cost from Munich to the location of Cynthia the shipping agent in Frankfurt and this is basically calculated €1,00 per Kilometer. You can see because the car is far from the shipping agent of his choice the cost of transportation becomes higher which is €400,00. But you can get a discount of 10% of this price.

But what if John has simply considered the location of Cynthia from the beginning and narrow the search to about 200km radius around her and find an exact similar car of the same price at about 150km. Now the cost of transportation would be highest €150,00. John saves €250,00.

While location can influence the cost of shipping cars from Germany to Nigeria and this can change overnight – decrease or increase. You need the best source of accurate and current information about the exact cost of shipment from a company that handles car import services on a daily basis in Germany. You wouldn’t like to experience a high cost in transporting your vehicle to shipping terminal which the location may be in Hamburg or Antwerp in Belgium because you didn’t check the distance between the terminal and where you purchased the vehicle.