A broker is no longer a term only for financial institution services. Today it is used in various sectors like insurance, real estate, automobile, etc. You may have offered brokerage service in Africa without identifying it as such, especially in the auto industry. So when are you a professional auto broker?

It is common in trading culture to help buyers find their needs and in return, the referrers get a commission. Do you do this on a regular basis and focus on an automobile with a registered company and you could in most cases satisfy the needs of your clients? Then you are a professional vehicle broker.

Okay, you know all these and would like to read something new… Great, let’s go!

Join Auto Broker Network

Well, to be part of an auto broker network is one of the keys to succeed in this sector. A network with great tools gives you the chance to show the vehicles you have for sale and attract more future clients that want to sell their cars through your service. You could stand as an expert in your niche market by giving your customers a reason to trust you. How?

Create Your Brand Page

Doing it the classic or modern way. There was a time writing contact details on a sheet of paper and hand it over to a client was fully acceptable – long ago before business cards. But today we have different ways to keep our contact information where our customers can easily access it and one of them is to have a special brand page.

→ Read more about brand page here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brand_page

However as a modern professional auto broker – who is ready to build trust with the existing and prospective customers – won’t it be the best to share valuable information about your business on the brand page? Where they can have access to it all the time, even while you are sleeping?

→ But wait… Do you know you can create your brand page at no cost here?

To Succeed As Vehicle Broker In Africa

It is crucial to know your ability to run this type of business and to know what could hinder you from being successful.  It means also you have to take your time to look into the facts and accept them as such. For example:

Political decisions

As we know things of politics could change overnight in Africa – so it will be good to take into account that such changes could affect your business, especially when you are helping your clients to import autos from a foreign country.

You can read an example of such changes here →  05.10.2019 Update on Why Ship Your Car With Items By Container Groupage Shipment?

Insufficient  financial resources

Dealerships usually have enough money to buy vehicles, park and gradually selling them but as a broker, you are only there to find customers for them. These days it is not enough. Good deals can come out that will require you to secure before looking for a buyer. Without you have sufficient money the deal will go to someone else. You need money to also constantly maintain communication with your clients.

Poor customer service

Your customers value it to be treated like a King. Yes, some may request everything that belongs to King’s kingdom. However, as professional your job is to find the balance between King and a servant. Do your best to keep your promises. Be there for them when they need you if you can.

Knowing little about vehicles

The professional auto broker should know much about vehicles he or she connects their clients to buy. Since automakers keep producing new technologies rapidly, constant learning of them is one of the ways to assure leveraging quality service and clearing misunderstanding.