Why Ship Your Car With Items By Container Groupage Shipping?

Container Groupage Shipment Service For Africa

Container Groupage Shipping - What is that? The best option for shipping a car Roll-on roll-off (RO-RO) with a full load of items remains prohibited by the new policy imposed on the shipping lines. Shipping small cars, MPVs (Multipurpose Vans) like Volkswagen Sharan or Ford Galaxy and even buses are becoming attractive for those transporting their vehicles from Europe to Africa. On the other hand, importers have no choice but to adopt the new situation on the ground. What influence does the change have, and how are people coping with it?

It affects the loading things on small vehicles, multipurpose vans, and buses.

But as time goes on, the regulation will become more apparent to people.

It will undoubtedly have an impact on goods transportation to Africa.

Thereby affecting those who manage to use this means to assist their relatives in the continent.

According to some owners of the first set of vehicles that the ban caught unexpectedly, any little load could be overload.

Africa, where do we go from here?

When deciding to ship your car next time, you should be very careful about the weight of loads inside.

Now experience has shown that a set of spare tires that one could sometime get when purchasing a car may be overload.

Is the game over from here?

Certainly not. It might seem to devastate the plans of those who don't have enough capital to ship a container load of vehicles and items.

An adage says it all.

"When there is life, there is hope."

So what is that hope people keep saying in this current situation?

The answer is groupage shipment

Yes, you have heard about it or do it without recognizing it as such.

How can groupage or LCL (Less than Container Load) help?

It enables multiple LCL shipments with separate Bill of Loading, and different owners can load a single container.

Despite the individual document of consignments, the big questions:

With whom are you going to share a container?

And where to find shipping agencies for groupage shipment services?

Don't worry, some of the companies that ship to Africa specialize in this method of transportation to various destinations.

And we have started internally to gather together the list of such agencies.

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