Latest Update: Policy Of Loading Items In Vehicles For RO-RO Shipment

Update of the new policy regarding how items should be load in a vehicle (cars and buses) for Ro-Ro shipment. The effect of the rule and regulations are becoming noticeable to importers and shipping agencies. There was very much uncertainty on the air as to the amount of load to carry in a vehicle.

My people, we did what we usually do to bring clarity to the puzzle. Since the new law Car Buyers Broker has been making some inquiries in the background and now can present the result to you.

Experience About The New Law In Belgium

You may wonder why we are using Belgium here. Because a lot of shipping agencies use the ports in the country to ship vehicles to Africa. And this is where the rules are very much intensive. However, we cannot give you much information about what is happening in other ports like Hamburg in Germany or elsewhere.

Ok, we do not want to keep you waiting.

Let us jump into what the shipping agencies and importers are experiencing now to get their vehicles (cars and buses) for Ro-Ro shipment through the Belgium control.

Bus: Load only 50 percent of a bus. Your items should not exceed where the down part of the bus's window starts. And you must keep the door unlocked for them to take a look.

Car: You should load items only in the car boot. Now take note, even a spare tire or any object placed on the back or front passenger's seat of an auto is an overload.

In other to keep away from a penalty and to avoid unpleasant message from Belgium, importers should not be tempted to do any of this prohibition because of the Belgium shipping authority will undoubtedly contact you via your agency to come and put things in order. It costs time and money.

Sidebox: Follow the rule or look for an alternative way to ship your vehicles.

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We cannot say this is the end of it. Check back as we continue to explore the situation to help you make better decisions for your next shipment.

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