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We specialize in helping car buyers find their perfect vehicle. Whether new or used auto buying, we ensure a smooth experience and the best deals on automotive. Reliable broker service.

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We Do Our Best To Simplify Car-buying Process

In other words, we will take care of everything from finding the perfect Car, SUV, Truck, Bus, and Fire Engine to negotiating the best price and exporting it to your desired destination. However, only an auto broker with good knowledge of the work process can manage and satisfy the needs.

Helping car buyers find their dream Vehicles

Most importantly, we are here to take the hassle of buying a car in Germany away from you. You do not need to be in Germany for us to buy a vehicle for you: auto-buying, vehicle inland transportation, export process management, and more.

As your expert car broker, we’ve got you covered!

Vast Network Of Dealerships Contacts Across Germany

In addition, our team has a vast network of contacts at dealerships across Germany, giving us access to a wide range of vehicles, including many unavailable to the general public or on sale by private sellers. So, relax and let us do the work for you.

Our Experience In Car Brokerage Industry

years of experience

“Excellent services. Great cooperation on time reply and the most important thing is they are honest. Tell me exactly about the car’s condition. Which is the most important thing a buyer knows about, Muhammad R.”

Auto Broker A to Z services that will satisfy you

We provide A to Z auto-buying services for foreigners that benefit you. Find the perfect car, negotiate the best price, and arrange shipping, all with our help.

  • Off or Online Car Search
  • Auto-buying Used/New
  • Pre-purchase Inspection
  • Price Negotiation
  • Transporting Car Inland
  • Managing Car Shipping

Pre-buy Inspection: The Most Popular Auto Broker Service For You

Pre-purchase inspection is the most popular auto broker service because it gives you peace of mind when buying a used car.

We offer pre-purchase inspection services as part of their overall service package. Then, arrange for the inspection to be done at a convenient location within our reach, and we can also help you interpret the assessment results.

Now, here is your opportunity. Pre-buy inspection allows you to buy a used car cheaper in Germany. With the assessment, you will know what you are paying for and bargain a price suitable for the vehicle’s condition.

How It Works, Briefly!

We make the car buying process easier for you.

Buying a car can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, such as budget, type of car, features, and financing. Once you’ve found the vehicle you want, you must still negotiate the price and deal with all the paperwork. The process goes beyond that if you wish to export your vehicle, but we make it easier in just three steps:

Request or find a car in Germany

Request or find a car in Germany

Find your desired vehicle anywhere in Germany, or request it here, and we will help you find it.

We follow it up, get more info, and send you a quote

We follow it up, get more info, and send you a quote

Once we receive your request, we return your feedback to the seller.

Transferring money, buying the car, and shipment

Transferring money, buying the car, and shipment

As soon as we receive the transferred money in our bank account or cash, we pay for the vehicle and send it to you.

Our packages

Prices For Our Car Broker Services

Our auto-buying services are affordable and transparent. We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs and budget. Below are our three core services, which you can quickly request. We also provide mini services, enabling you to pay only for a small portion of our complete package. Contact us today for a free quote!


Essential Service

Assuming you want to buy a car from a dealership or private seller that is 50km away from us and want to ship it directly without arranging for inland transportation or price negotiation.

  • Off or Online Car Search
  • Car Location Visit: 50km Radius Free
  • Buying A Used Car
  • Arranging for Shipment


standard Service

Standard is our popular service plan that contains all of the Essential Service plan items, but it has a 150km free car location visit, and we include negotiating the car price.

  • Inclusive Essential Service
  • Car Location Visit: 150km Radius Free
  • Negotiating Car Price


Jumbo Service

Jumbo service contains almost everything you need from an auto broker in buying and exporting your car. Plus, 300km car location visit, managing inland transportation, and pre-buy inspection

  • Inclusive Standard Service
  • Car Location Visit: 300km Radius Free
  • Managing Inland Transportation
  • Arranging for Pre-buy Inspection

Affordable Auto Broker Prices

Pay only for what you need. We created mini services covering everything you need for a pleasant car-buying process. Their prices start as low as 30 Euros for asking us your five critical questions about buying a car in Germany or 60 Euros for remotely helping to inquire about a vehicle in the country or neighboring countries, which we will talk with the seller in more in-depth and get pictures or video of the car for better decision making.

Beyond the Milestones:

Unmasking Our Auto-buying Service Success Story

At Car Buyers Broker, we prioritize giving our customers the best auto-buying experience. Our goal is to help you find the ideal car at the right price and ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and begin your car-buying journey!

Now, let’s briefly uncover how it began—the story of Frank Duru, co-founder of Car Buyers Broker Germany.

Unmasking Our vehicle purchase Service Success Story

“They were super helpful and successfully enabled us to deliver vehicles to our African project. Thank you!”

Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Pick up Single Cabin purchased by ANI

Tunde Morakinyo

UK, London

“Very professional and responsive. Always willing to help and provide solutions. I’ve had the best of business experience here!”

Happy Customer used vehicle broker service

Moorefields Enterprise LLC

United States


What our clients say about us

When looking for a car-buying service, it’s essential to choose one that is trusted and reliable. We invite you to see more of what our clients say about us.

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An auto broker, also known as a car or automotive broker, is a professional who assists individuals in buying or leasing vehicles. Vehicle brokers act as intermediaries between car buyers and dealerships, helping clients find the right vehicle at the best possible price. Here are some critical aspects of what they do:

Find And Negotiate A You Wish To Buy

Vehicle Sourcing: Automotive brokers can access a network of dealerships and vehicle wholesalers. They help clients find the specific make and model of the vehicle they’re looking for, considering the buyer’s preferences and budget.

Negotiation: Car brokers are skilled negotiators who can work with dealerships to secure the best possible deal for their clients. For instance, they may negotiate a price of €1,000 to €2000 lower than the initial offer or guarantee a 0.5% lower financing rate. However, this could be more if the purchase price of a vehicle is higher. 

These savings can add up significantly over the life of a car loan or lease. They may leverage their industry knowledge and relationships to get favorable terms, including price discounts, financing rates, and trade-in values.

Do The Legwork Professionally

Save Time and Effort: Car buying can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. Without the help of an auto broker, you might spend hours researching vehicles, negotiating with dealers, and handling paperwork. 

For instance, if you’re a busy professional with limited time, an auto broker can handle many tasks, saving you time and effort and potentially preventing costly mistakes.

Expertise: An automotive broker brings a wealth of knowledge about the automotive market, including current pricing trends, available incentives, and the reputations of different dealerships. 

This expertise instills confidence in clients, knowing they have a professional on their side who can navigate the intricacies of the car-buying process, making them feel secure in their decision to use their services.

Work Based On Buyers’ Preferences

Personalized Approach: A car broker recognizes that each client is unique and has their own needs and preferences. They tailor their services to meet these individual needs, whether finding a specific type of vehicle, working within a tight budget, or needing assistance with trade-ins. This personalized approach makes clients feel understood and valued.

Paperwork and Logistics: Vehicle brokers assist with the paperwork and logistics of purchasing a vehicle. This includes handling contracts, arranging financing, and ensuring all necessary documents are completed accurately.

Make Auto-buying Profitable For The Buyers

Fees: The typical charge is a fee for automotive services, which can be a flat fee or a percentage of the vehicle’s purchase price. While this is an additional cost, it’s essential to consider that it might not always be offset by the savings they can secure. 

However, for many buyers, the potential savings and convenience make it a worthwhile investment. It’s also worth noting that some buyers enjoy the process of researching and negotiating themselves and may not see the value in paying for these services.

It’s important to note that auto brokers operate differently from traditional car dealerships. They work on behalf of the buyer, aiming to secure the best deal possible. 

Engaging the services of an auto broker typically involves an initial consultation to discuss your needs and budget, followed by the broker sourcing potential vehicles and negotiating with dealerships. 

Before engaging their services, verifying their reputation and ensuring they are recognized in their respective region is crucial. This step is essential to ensure you work with a reputable and reliable professional.