A guide for buying used car parts cheaper in Germany. Africans rely on German-imported second-hand motor parts, and we are here to help them make the purchase successful. Germany is one of the major supply chains of fairly used parts, including America, Japan, etc. For a common reason, buyers value car spare parts from these locations, and importers can get them in large quantities and at an affordable price.

This ultimate guide for buying used auto parts cheaper in Germany uncovers why the country is becoming a significant player in this market and how to get the parts wholesale. There is also a tool that importers can use to request and manage multiple orders.

Guide For Buying Used Car Parts Cheaper In Germany

The Best Way To Request Your Auto Parts Cheaper

You certainly want to know where to buy used auto parts in Germany. Go here to request your car according to the brand and body type of your choice. Please use the “Tell Us More” in the request form to tell us if the vehicle is for cutting and the quantity you want to buy to inform the sellers better.

Grounded Reputation Of German Products

In my growing days, I remember that a product tagged “Made In Germany” usually translates to high-quality and more extended usage assurance. You can imagine German products’ positive influence on children in our countries. But what does this grounded good reputation mean when buying used car parts imported from Germany? And how would motor parts importers in Africa benefit from this trend to get the bulk of vehicle parts cheaper?

How to buy a bulk of vehicles for cutting in Germany

Indeed, something made car parts buyers in Africa trust fairly used parts from foreign countries like Germany, Japan, and the US merely because of the standards set to produce the parts – high-quality production is the main focus. Also, the maintenance mindset of the vehicle owners and the roads on which the vehicles are driven.

But wait. Do you know it better and want the bulk of cars for cutting? 
Just a moment. I have something for you, and I wouldn’t like to waste your time.

Get our spreadsheet template to manage and calculate your vehicle orders easily. With over 2100 vehicle makes and models entries. You can be sure to find the models of cars you specialize in.

OK, if you want to get all the details. Let’s go…

Know the used car parts that sell well

Before buying cars for cutting, you should know the type of vehicle you can sell faster in your marketplace. Why? Prices may differ based on how quickly vehicle parts are sold within a city or state.

Update yourself on their prices – Try to be current with the market price of the motor parts you would like to import. Remember, used auto parts importation fluctuates.

Have a refined list of the parts – Organize your items as a list and prioritize them. Items that sell fast with high profit come first.

If you don’t have time to do this, we have created a free template for you to download – with over 2100 car makes and model entries.

Tool To Manage And Calculate Used Auto Orders

Go here to get it: Template Car Makes And Models For Used Car Parts Importers.

You have filled your list with the car parts you got from your current market research. Job well done! The good thing about what you are doing now is that you don’t have to do it again. Save your list on a USB stick outside your computer.

Where To Buy Used Auto Parts Cheaper In Germany

Ready to make a car request online? The next step is to make a car-buying request from the list you have just created. To help you manage your car requests online, we developed a mobile application called “Cbb Autos,” which you can get free.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any issues with our mobile app.

Connect With Dealers That Sell Cars In Bulk

Your vehicle buying requests help you to connect with bulk car dealers in Germany. Some auto sellers and brokers already use our service and mobile app to find buyers for their extensive vehicle inventories. It is a great way to get used auto parts cheaper and in large quantities. As a registered member of our automobile community, you get a better chance to find your future business partners in Germany on our platform.

Using Car Buying Service To Speed Up Your Importation

One good thing about importing vehicles or auto spare parts via our channel is that you are not left alone. We provide a service to ensure your requests are processed securely and smoothly. It is also an excellent way to find second-hand vehicles at affordable prices in Germany for export to Africa. You can be sure to get over +15000 autos from over +200 used automobile companies within the European Union (EU) with whom we have close contact.

Finally, you have made some car-buying requests and have received price offers from auto dealers. You have selected the vehicles you want to cut, and well done!

How Do You Pay For The Vehicles You Want To Cut?

It is much easier in Germany to follow all the processes yourself until the payment. You can pay cash or do a bank transfer. We will give the bank details to you once you demand them. However, if you have someone in Germany to whom you can transfer the money – that’s right if you should pay before the vehicle’s reservation deadline approaches.

Transporting The Vehicles To Where They Will Be Cut

Before buying a vehicle, you should consider the distance between where a car is found and where to cut it. It is crucial because it can influence the total cost of each vehicle. And you should know that one can only cut cars in places with special permission in Germany. So they must take any car you bought to one of these places.

Price Of Cutting And Loading In Container Or Bus

Cutting and loading are third-party services that are primarily negotiable. They want to know the type of cars you are buying before getting the actual price.

Shipment Of Your Container Or Bus

The shipment of your consignment is also a third-party service, which we can help you organize and connect you with them based on the location where your vehicles are purchased, cut, and ready for shipment.

We have just started assembling the list of shipping agents in Germany.

Terms For Most Expensive Car Parts Damage (German & English)

Motor festEngine stiff (Not turning)
MotorschadenEngine damage
GetriebschadenTransmission damage
Rost am UnterbodenRust on the underneath
Steuergerät DefektControl unit faulty
Einspritzdüse DefektDefective injector
Kabelbaum brandCable burned

Conclusion On How To Buy Car Parts Cheaper In Germany

It is good to consider the vehicle you want to buy and where to cut it. Even the shipping agency should not be far. You can get second-hand motor parts at an affordable price in Germany if you buy and miss them yourself. This way, you save yourself the stress and money of transporting the vehicle here and there.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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