Calculating vehicle import duty is essential when importing cars into a country like Cameroon. Custom duty on cars is a tax levied on vehicles brought into the nation. In Cameroon, these duties are evaluated based on the vehicle’s condition, whether used or new, to determine the appropriate rates.

Understanding the customs process, particularly the calculation of customs duties, is crucial for importers.

Custom Duty on Cars in Cameroon (Clearance and Calculation)

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on calculating customs duties on cars in Cameroon and the process involved, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the system effectively.

  • Shipping Options: Two available choices are containerized shipping, cars consolidated, RoRo shipping, and vehicles driven on/off vessels.
  • Containerized Shipping: Popular Cameroonian import method. The inability to fill the containers allows shared consolidation.
  • RoRo Shipping: Cheapest option, car driven aboard at origin, driven off at destination.
  • Customs Clearance: Douala port arrival necessitates a clearing agent for duty/tax processing.
  • Custom Duty Examples: Practical second-hand European car import duty calculation examples are provided.
  • In-land Auto Transport: A more straightforward option for transporting your vehicle within Germany.

Calculating Car Import Duty in Cameroon calculated

Cameroon classifies imported vehicles into various categories:

– Used Cars or Second-hand vehicles

– New Cars

The process Of Calculating Custom Duty for Used Cars in Cameroon is systematic and transparent. It involves several steps, each designed to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the duty calculation.

1) SGS Identification Check

Second-hand vehicles undergo specific duty rates and an identification check known as el CIVIO. 

The Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) conducts this check upon the vehicle’s arrival, playing a crucial role in the customs process.

Vehicle Unloading Process in Cameroon

First, SGS agents discharge the cars from the container or ship, and then they assign a serial number to each vehicle.

A pre-identification code (of 17 characters) is attached to each vehicle.

Documentation at the SGS Office

The importer presents registration documents, the original import declaration form, and the taxpayer number.

The SGS certifies the items before making the document required to proceed available.

A Customs clearance certificate and a copy of the identification sheet are transmitted to the customs office by the SGS.

Vehicle Identification by SGS

During customs, the SGS agent physically identifies the car using the worksheet, providing a clear and documented vehicle identification.

The agent then takes pictures of the vehicle from different angles.

Custom Declaration

The importer presents the identification sheet and other relevant documents to the customs.

The customs, in turn, issue the liquidation bulletin and payment for taxes. They also sign and secure the customs clearance certificate.

Vehicle Collection Process in Cameroon

After the customs clearance, the Stevedore ensures the car’s exit.

The importer/agent presents relevant documents, allowing the vehicle to leave the premises.

  • Customs taxes and duties receipt
  • The SGS ticket is attached to the car.
  • And Customs clearance certificate

Additional Formalities and Tips

To ensure a smooth clearance process, importers should:

Prepare thoroughly with all the necessary paperwork before the vehicle’s arrival. This preparation is crucial.

This will empower you to navigate the customs clearance process smoothly and efficiently.

Acquaint yourself with potential fees, including storage and demurrage charges.

Streamlined Customs Clearance for New Vehicle Imports In Cameroon:

The process begins with filing an import declaration with SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) for goods with a FOB (Free on Board) value exceeding one million CFA francs.

Obtain an AVI (Attestation de Verification aux Importations) document from SGS.

Completing a D03 customs declaration form for new vehicle imports is straightforward. 

It requires you to provide all details about the imported vehicle, ensuring a clear and accurate declaration.

Submit the customs declaration to the main office of Douala Port 7, responsible for clearing vehicles.

Remit the applicable duties and taxes to the designated bank or customs revenue office.

Upon payment confirmation, collect the imported vehicle from the designated location.

Calculation of Custom Duties for Cars in Cameroon

Cameroon authority calculates custom duty for vehicles as a percentage of the car’s declared value. 

This includes cost, Insurance, and freight.

Generally, the Cameroon custom service groups imported items into four main categories, with each of them having its own rate:

One: Primary necessary goods: 5 %

Two: Raw materials and equipment: 10 %

Three: Intermediate or semi-finished goods: 20 %

Four: Consumer products: 30 %

The amount you will pay as a custom tariff depends on the category into which your goods fall.

Cameroon places cars in the fourth group, so the importer must pay a duty of 30% of the declared value.

The formula for calculating car import duty in Cameroon

Custom Duty = (CIF Value X Duty Rate) + Other Taxes (VAT, excise duty e.t.c)

Additional Taxes Incurred By Vehicles Imported into Cameroon

VAT (Value added tax) of 10%

25% Excise duties for specific goods covered by the Finance Act 2006.

Community integration tax (TCI) 1 % for non-CEMAC imports. 

For precise details regarding the classification and valuation of imported cars, consult the Cameroonian custom tariff book. Better still, reach out to a customs official.

Practical Example of the calculation of custom duty for a vehicle in Cameroon

Let us take a used sedan, for instance:

Sedan Value: CFA 5,000,000

Duty Rate ` = 30%

Other Taxes: (VAT, etc.) = 15%

The calculation would be:

Custom Duty = (CFA 5,000,000 X 30%) + (CFA 5,000,000 X 15%)

Duty = CFA 1,500,000 + CFA 750,000

Custom Duty Payable= CFA 2,250,000

Top 5 Key Players in Vehicle Importation and Clearance in Cameroon

Before you go, let me give you this list of the top five authorities that play a crucial role in the importation and clearance of vehicles in Cameroon. Ensuring an importer of a vehicle follows the procedures correctly and pays the duties appropriately. 

They work together to ensure a smooth and efficient process for importing cars into the country.

Cameroon Customs Authority: They are responsible for the overall duties of car customs. 

The duties vary according to the condition of the vehicles, and the clearance procedure for these cars relies heavily on the car’s condition.

Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS): They jointly set up an identification system with the Cameroonian Government for second-hand vehicles at the port of Douala. 

Opening the car customs clearance file and providing the necessary documents are also part of the services offered.

Gespros, a Cameroonian maritime services provider based in Douala, offers maritime logistics solutions encompassing ship agencies, logistics services, and more.

Director General of Customs (DGD): They signed a memorandum setting out new modalities for customs clearance procedures for vehicles and other rolling stock imported by land in Cameroon.

Cameroon Customs Information System (CAMCIS): This is a computerized system used for clearing a vehicle

Wrapping Custom Duties On Vehicles In Cameroon Up

In conclusion, understanding how Cameroon calculates custom duties for importing vehicles is essential for importers. 

The process involves several steps, including an SGS identification check, documentation, calculating car import duty, and customs clearance. 

Cameroon custom service groups imported items into four categories, with cars falling into the fourth group and incurring a duty of 30% of the declared value. 

Importers should prepare all necessary paperwork, know potential fees, and consult customs officials for precise details.

With this information, importers can navigate the system effectively and ensure a smooth clearance process for their imported vehicles.

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