Car importation to Cameroon from Germany can be easy if you understand how the system works. The process of importing a car to Cameroon involves several phases, including obtaining the necessary documentation, arranging transportation, and clearing customs. During the crucial phase of customs clearance, you’ll need to present the required paperwork and pay the applicable duties and taxes.

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Car Importation To Cameroon From Germany.

But how can you import a vehicle to the country without experiencing uncomfortable surprises? It is what this article discusses. First, let us briefly examine the country’s geographical situation and automobile industry. 

According to the PO Population Pyramid, it has a booming, ethnically diverse population of over 29 million, making it a hub of used automobile imports. Its capital city, Yaoundé, is located in the south-central part of the country. Vehicle import regulations vary from country to country. So, it is essential to familiarize yourself with import regulations in Cameroon before shipping your first car to Cameroon.

This article will extensively discuss how to import used cars to Cameroon from overseas. Then, you’ll learn the best shipping methods for your vehicles from the U.S.A., U.K., or Germany to Cameroon. Then, we’ll discuss the import duty charged on various vehicles imported to Cameroon.

How to Import Used Cars to Cameroon from Overseas

Countries from which you can import used vehicles into Cameroon include the U.S.A., Germany, Belgium, and the U.K. You can import automobiles like cars, buses, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and tractors. Cameroon drives on the right, so only left-hand vehicles are allowed in Cameroon. If you’re considering importing right-hand vehicles to Cameroon, you must make arrangements for car steering conversion.

Whether you’re importing used cars to Cameroon from the U.S.A., U.K., or Germany, there exist ways you can buy cars without traveling to those countries.

There are car auction websites in the U.S.A. and car brokerage services in Germany you can utilize to buy bulk used cars from either country. You can also follow this D.I.Y. Simple Way To Buy A Car Online From Germany.

You’ll also find shipping companies shipping to Cameroon. In most cases, the auction or car brokerage services can arrange for the shipping of your car to your destination port in Cameroon.

Car Import Duty In Cameroon

To import used cars to Cameroon, you must pay import duty and take care of the necessary documentation. S.G.S evaluates used cars arriving at Cameroon ports—inspector to establish the applied duty position.

Cameroon’s import tax is based on the F.O.B. (Free on Board) value of the vehicle you’re importing. The rates are applied using the F.O.B. values of cars, as stated by, for autos from the U.S.A., Canada, and some parts of Asia.

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Taxes charged on car imports into Cameroon often depend on the vehicle’s age and engine capacity.

82% duty is charged for cars less than ten years of use, and 71% for vehicles above ten. 57% set for trucks.

Below is a summary of Cameroon vehicle import duty on used cars:

  1. Cars less than ten years of use – 82% F.O.B.
  2. Cars with more than ten years of use – 71% F.O.B.
  3. Trucks generally – 52% F.O.B.

Shipping Used Cars to Cameroon from the U.S.A., U.K., and Germany

Cameroon’s largest container port is the Port of Douala. Port Autonome de Douala manages it. You will mostly find shipping companies that ship to the destination. Other lesser ports of Cameroon include:

  1. Garoua Port
  2. Bamenda Port
  3. Bafoussam Port
  4. Yaounde Port

Used car importation to Cameroon from overseas is made easy by the services of shipping companies. Companies like Cargo World Link ship cargo from Sheerness and Tilbury ports in the U.K. to Douala ports and Cameroon weekly. They also ship from Hamburg port, Germany, and Antwerp port in Belgium. A-1 Auto Transport ships cars from California and New York Ports in the U.S. to Douala Port in Cameroon.

Now, look at the most common shipping methods for importing cars to Cameroon.

Car Shipping Methods from the U.S.A., UK, and Germany to Cameroon

After you’ve purchased your vehicle from overseas, the next thing to do is make shipping arrangements. There are two standard shipping methods for importing cars to Cameroon from Germany. They include:

  1. Containerized Shipping
  2. RoRo Shipping

Container Groupage Shipping

Shipping your consignment in a container offers more safety. In this context, you freight your motor vehicle to Cameroon in a container, not by Ro-Ro—a shipment method whereby one drives an auto into the ship. As a result, containerization is becoming the best alternative for importers in Africa.

What Car Container Groupage Shipping looks like when loaded

Container Groupage shipping entails combining your cargo with other shippers in a single container to reduce cost. Upon arrival, the shipper unloads the container, and the consignee claims the shipment. Container groupage is also known as consolidated shipping. It is a slightly cheaper method of shipping than containerized shipping.

However, to successfully carry out this shipment method, you need an expert—a shipper who can load your vehicle correctly. Autos loaded wrongly can bring unnecessary expenditure.

Ro-Ro Shipping

Ro-Ro ships with ramps allow cars to be rolled on at the departure port and rolled off at the arrival port. As a result, Ro-Ro is one of the cheapest methods of shipping vehicles to Cameroon.

What Ro Ro Roll on roll-off shipment looks like when loaded.

It is significantly less expensive than containerized shipping but poses a higher risk of damage to motor vehicles. In addition, RoRo shipping exposes vehicles to elements as the ship navigates its way to its destination port.

Required Documents

A clearing agent with authorization from the consignee to carry out the clearing process on his behalf should receive the documents required for the consignment’s clearance. These are expected to get to the clearing agent before the shipment arrives in Cameroon.

A Non-Sale Certificate is also required for vehicles imported for non-commercial purposes, such as personal use. The document will be dated and signed by the client, attesting that the vehicle is for personal use and not for sale.

14 Documents You Need In Importing A Car To Cameroon

  1. Bill of lading carrying the consignee’s name
  2. Original Certificate of Title and Registration
  3. Original Commercial/Purchase Invoice
  4. Packing list
  5. Electronic cargo tracking note (ECTN) BESC in French quote
  6. Certificate of origin
  7. Import license
  8. Patent
  9. Taxpayers card
  10. National identification card of the consignee
  11. Insurance
  12. Declaration of importation
  13. Verification of importation by SGS CAMEROUN S.A.
  14. Non-Sale Certificate – if the vehicle is not for sale.

Contact information for Cameroon Customs

Below is the contact information of Cameroon Customs should you’ve further inquiries. Direction Générale des Douanes (DGD)

Adresse: Yaoundé 33035 Yaoundé
Web Site:

Port Autonome de Douala (PAD)

Address: Douala 40020

Final Things To Know About Importing Cars To Cameroon

The importation of used cars to Cameroon is straightforward if you understand how the process works.

We hope you’ve found this guide for importing used cars to Cameroon helpful. If you have further inquiries, you may contact the Cameroon Custom Authority using the contact details above.

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