How to Buy Bulk Of Second Hand Cars In Germany

How to Buy Bulk Of Second Hand Cars In Germany

You may have asked this question or thought to purchase vehicles in wholesale as a pre-used auto importer in Africa to get them cheaper. It could also be you want to rapidly increase the number of cars you have in your inventory. Whatever your reason may be,

I have good news for you.

Our mission is to help you connect and create a better partnership with the car dealers in Germany at the same time, attract potential customers to your brand and physical location. Our platforms Car Buyers Broker and CBB Auto Mobile App are tools you can use to communicate with your customers and business partners more effectively to achieve your goals. Download a useful Spead Sheet with over 2100+ car makes and models entries for you to manage and calculate your bulk vehicle orders here.

How Do I Find Bulk Of Second-Hand Cars In Germany?

For you to buy a used car in package say from two vehicles upwards you will need to know where to find them in Germany and the conditions which they are offered. To start, you can search online for “Where to buy used cars in a package in Germany?” or similar query and see what you can get. Our results weren’t exactly what we expected when we searched. It may have improved by now. However, this was the main reason we start to research the market and develop tools for it.

Buying Bulk Of Second-Hand Cars Via An App

To order a bulk of second-hand cars with our car buying request app is very simple. All you have to do is to select Bulk Order when you make a request. Each of your car request with this tag, tells us you want it to be in the group of your car bulk purchase. You will still be the one to determine what should come into your bulk order or not.

What Do We Do In Purchasing Wholesale Used Cars For You

Whether you are here too busy doing other things or in Africa planning to come to Germany to buy a large number of vehicles, we can assist you with our car buying service. As an auto importer in Africa, you certainly know the importance of a professional intermediary for helping your business to run smoothly and effectively. We work actively on any of your requests by contacting wholesale vehicle dealers in our network, sharing your request with them and giving you feedback that will help you make a better decision.

How Do You Process My Order Of Bulk Used Cars?

Your order goes five simple stages from the point you make a request:

1. We activate your order in our networks and publish it.
2. We contact our dealerships for bulk used vehicles.
3. We give you feedback on your order, which includes pictures of the cars.

Now the ball's in your court to choose which vehicle we'll follow up.

If you are okay with our feedback, we move to the next stage:

4. Reserving the vehicles for you.
5. You pay and we send them to your preferred shipping agent

Yes, it is possible today for you to order a bulk of vehicles or in package direct from Germany. We create our vehicle buying service to handle this.

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What Is The Benefit Of Buying Cars Wholesale In Germany

As a car or used spare parts importer, you may be accustomed to buy vehicles from retailers. But what is the benefit of buying cars wholesale? A question asked by an importer in our network. We will use Germany as an example here to show how to get the advantage and things to consider before going to the used car wholesaler.

Now when you buy a vehicle from a retailer, you probably going to get the price for individual buyers and that is okay for a non-commercial purpose. But imagine you are not. You want to know how and where to buy used cars from wholesalers in Germany.

In contrast to retailers, buying cars wholesale gives you these three advantages:

1. Save money by the number of cars
You get a wholesale discount from the seller. Commonly known in German as (Paketpreis). The more cars you purchased, the less the total cost.

2. Discount on transportation cost
The transportation cost can be reduced up to 30 percent when you have 6 to 9 vehicles in a location, a truck can transport them one time at a cheaper rate.

3. Discount on the cost of shipment
You may also get a discount from the shipping agent (contact us for more). We have agencies that can offer you affordable prices for shipment.

Whatever you are looking für (buying cars wholesale or retail) we can help you get the most out of your importation of car from Germany. Only click the button below…

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