Discovering the best websites to buy a car in Europe, especially Germany, can be exciting. Whether searching for the best online marketplaces or exploring individual auto dealership sites, finding a vehicle that aligns with your needs and budget is rewarding. That’s precisely why we compiled this list for you. Our list covers the most popular automotive platforms in the EU, with over four million vehicle entries together.

Best Websites To Buy Car In Europe - (Incl. Top 9 German Auto Sites)

Options: Best Websites To Buy Cars In Europe

You have options for buying a car beyond online automotive platforms. In Germany and neighboring countries, there are physical car dealerships where you can find affordable vehicles that meet your needs. With our auto-buying service, we’ve got you fully covered.

However, we don’t limit you to that. Despite the online automotive platforms, there are some offline car purchase hubs where you can find a car that will suit your needs at affordable prices in Germany and neighboring countries. So, one of our greatest strengths is encouraging readers to save money and time while buying their dream cars.

Uncovering The Potential Of A Car-buying Service Sites

While we encourage self-reliance, we must recognize when professional help is needed, especially when navigating the best websites to buy a vehicle in Europe”. As an industry novice, you might encounter challenges in interpreting certain aspects, such as negotiating a vehicle’s price based on its condition or determining if it is worth your investment. In such cases, a professional auto broker’s expertise can be invaluable, guiding you on when to negotiate, when to walk away, and how to secure the best deals

To help you play your part perfectly, you must know the best auto sites to buy a car in Germany or Europe. Below, we have put them together for you and will add them to the list over time. You may consider saving this page in your browser.

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1. Autoscout24

Another online advertising platform with a reputable image in the second-hand car market is autoscout24. This company is one of the most popular in the industry and occupies the second position in our car segment ranking. However, it enables you to search beyond Germany easily with one lookup.

The automotive platform Autoscout24 was established in 1998 to sell used vehicles of different categories ranging from motorcycles to cars and industrial vehicles. This agency boasts ten million visits monthly and a catalog of over two million vehicles, which isn’t a small feat. Autoscout24 offers an intelligent search that helps buyers find the best cars.


One of Germany’s fastest-growing used car websites. It was launched in September 2009 as a free online advertising platform for all users. is one of those websites that isn’t solely dedicated to auto ads (which means other services and items are also featured). Regardless. The company has worked hard to establish its position among others.


Auction Web (as it used to be called) was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidvar. The establishment was auction-oriented, hence the name – however, it was changed to in September 1997. This multinational corporation provides numerous services, including an online advertisement of vehicles to facilitate the meeting of auto buyers and sellers for business. According to, eBay ranks number 2 among the leading e-commerce sites in America, with over 885 million per month.


Our next stop is one of Germany’s top websites,, with over 1.5 million ads. was formed in 2005 to create a platform for classified ads. Thousands of new adverts are added to the portal daily, meaning more people are surfing the web and will continue to do so. accounts for about 332,000 visitors daily and a rough estimate of 9.97 million visitors monthly. is currently ranked number 2 in Germany’s e-commerce and shopping category.


The organization allows you to locate and purchase your ideal vehicle swiftly and efficiently. You can quickly and affordably discover the perfect automobile from a considerable range.


Quickly find vehicles of any make in your region. Are you looking for a car of a specific brand in your area? Then, try our regional overview. You get the used and new vehicles suitable for you with just one click.

Car dealers in your area – Are you looking for a new or used car dealer in a specific city or region, specifically vehicles in Austria? If you live in Austria or near the German-Austrian border, the company will help you get the car you need.

7. Hey car

This is one of the few used car platforms that offer cars with a warranty to clients. Hey Car was established in October 2017 to allow customers to buy and sell second-hand vehicles. According to Markus Kroger, the outstanding purchase level witnessed by the website is a result of the constant striving to understand and meet the needs of their consumers- a total of 1.83 million visits recorded on the website tells us how much this platform grew within this short time. Over 300,000 vehicles are available for sale on her car.

8. is among the top 10 online companies in vehicle trading. This outfit was established in 1998, and now it has no less than 6,348 unique users monthly. Aside from regular users, Web Auto also entertains about 477 visitors daily.


The last on our list of top used auto sites is, launched in 2007 – this website offers several car-buying services, including free services for non-dealers (end buyers). Buyers do not have to search for cars on this platform because an offer generator covers that. has accumulated over 600,000 visits, and more than 224,000 vehicles are available for sale on this site. According to, this used car site sits at number 42 in the vehicle category of the global ranking.

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Conclusion On Top Nine Auto Sites In Germany And Nearby Countries

In conclusion, navigating the landscape of websites to buy cars in Europe, particularly in Germany, empowers you to take control of your car-buying journey. Whether you opt for online platforms or explore offline marketplaces, finding a vehicle that suits your needs and budget is vital.

You can achieve significant cost savings by embracing the freedom to manage the purchase process independently. Take the first step by discovering your dream car on websites that sell cars in Europe. As you proceed, consider the advantages of negotiating the price based on the vehicle’s condition.

For a seamless experience, enlist the expertise of a professional auto broker to navigate complex negotiations and secure the best deal. From start to finish, the journey through automotive platforms to buy cars in Europe allows you to make informed decisions and create a car-buying experience that aligns perfectly with your preferences and financial goals. Step into the driver’s seat of your car-buying adventure with confidence and excitement.

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