A traditional type of used tire price list in Germany from wholesale may somehow confuse newcomers in the tire industry. Even a high number of experienced buyers could testify that there is a need for tire suppliers to improve their price list presentation so everyone in the business can quickly read and understand their data, according to the inquiry conducted by Car Buyers Broker Lagos in Nigeria.

Used Tire Wholesale Price Card

We have done our first homework to create a format to present used tire suppliers’ price lists better. We called this format “Used Tire Wholesale Price Card,” which you can find below. We are still working on it and need your comments about the card for the improvement below.

Wait, we encourage you to try our used tire price calculator before your subsequent importation. You will get a cost estimate for a bus or container load of tires, including the cost of shipment to any country you choose. Click below to get a quote.

Used Tires A Grade 6mm Up
Used Tires B Grade 4mm - 5mm
Used Tires C Grade 3mm - 4mm
D Grade Used Tire Price In Germany 2 9 milimeter downwards

Buying Quality Used Tires In Germany

We created this page to assist importers aiming to buy quality second-hand tires in Germany and gain deep insight into the industry. We further make the presentation of tire price categories easier to grasp. We just started to output our knowledge, research, and experience here. On the other hand, we strive to bring you whatever information that will influence your business positively. Before going further, knowing how to recognize a damaged tire might interest you.

Talking With Tire Wholesaler’s Staff

As we gather details about wholesale tires and what suppliers could be the best for importers, quality and price-wise, we could secure the opportunity to talk with some warehouse wholesalers’ staff. They have direct contact with the tires importers buy. We were unpleased by some information on how the tires meant to throw away are mixed with good tires to export to Africa.

However, do not get us wrong. This is not to say that all the companies we met are only after your money. Most companies in our journey fight hard in this competitive market to maintain their position or want to be the best. But we are doing our best to choose the most reliable wholesalers for you to work with. Please get in touch with us below for more information.


Used Tire Grades (Quality) To Avoid Using On Vehicles

According to our latest inquiry, keeping an eye on the type of used tire grades or quality when buying tires is what some buyers do not pay proper attention to or know how to figure out the damage in a tire. Therefore, we compiled a list to show what to look for when buying used tires for your vehicle. Despite knowing the defects in a tire, we think there is a need to consider the brand.

Grade E Tire – Good For Some Purposes

The used tire grade, ranging from 2.00mm – to 1.00 mm, fits into this category. This class of tires is no longer roadworthy. In this context, it means that such a tire is no longer fit to be used by a vehicle plying both major and minor routes. It potentially threatens people’s lives and properties, including the car driver.

Tires with the millimeter range (2.00mm – 1.00mm) are not entirely useless. Like they sometimes say, “There is a sense in nonsense.” We want to bring to your awareness that this type of tire quality may seem futile, but one can use it in other areas. For instance, a typical farm truck can use a grade E tire—a truck or trailer used to transport crops and materials within the farm’s perimeters. Secondly, the land surface within and around a farm does not encourage speed driving. Therefore, using such a tire on a farm truck is safer and poses little or no threat to the populace.

Grade F – Tire Value Equals To Zero

We categorized the tire quality Grade F as the last in our “Used Tire Wholesale Price Card” list. These tires are not valuable for any vehicle, and the scrap value equals zero. They are the type of tire grade with cracks, depleted threads, bulges, and other tire defects highlighted in the article.

You may check them out to gain better insight. The abovementioned problems can render any tire useless and endanger other road users’ lives.

However, in some parts of the world, like Nigeria, these end-grade tires sometimes make small fences (boundaries) around compounds and football pitches. They sliced them into smaller pieces for crumb rubber concretes in building practices. Grade F tires are for domestic activities, but these activities certainly do not include being part of a working vehicle.

Is Driving Worn Tires On Vehicles Dangerous?

We often receive this question. And here we would like to say something about it. The tire is an essential part of the vehicle and a vital component of the leg of the human body. If you have a challenge on your leg that can hinder your mobility, your priority will be finding a solution. If you don’t seek an answer, it will amount to negligence, resulting in a further breakdown. The same applies to your car’s tire. You do not have to manage it until it gets torn up entirely because it could incur severe damage. A high number of accidents have occurred in the past due to the use of bad tires. And it is not that good second-hand tires from known brands are expensive.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) research, about 11,000 tire-related accidents occur yearly. Particularly considering that one could have avoided the crashes if the drivers had given proper attention to the tires.

As we proceed, I would like us to survey briefly some of the significant effects of damaged tires. Please note that the purpose of this article is not to instill panic in you. It simply means to help you exercise precaution for your safety and others. So, let’s move on to the effects.

Check the List of Tire Sizes Here

Usage Of Worn Out Tires Can Result In Loss Of Lives

There are verifiable proofs that tire-related accidents have claimed so many lives. Research showed that about 719 persons died of tires related in 2015 alone.

Even in 2020, Vanguard News of Nigeria reported that the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) said that fake, damaged, and worn tires are the primary cause of accidents on the Nigerian highway. And I doubt that these accidents did not lead to the death of some people. With this, it will be unwise to take tire-related issues for granted.

It Can Lead To Loss Of Financial Properties

In real-life situations, goods that cost so much get destroyed in a crash caused by faulty tires. It is widespread in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as other places. Sometimes, trucks containing costly commodities veer off the road, tumbling and causing damage to the goods in them due to bad tires. Occasionally, uneven road contributes to this. But we are focusing on the tires.

A crashing vehicle sometimes causes damage to other properties around the scene. So, the damage is not limited to the accident vehicle or the wares contained in it.

The Vehicle Can Get Damaged Completely

Vehicles can get mangled and destroyed beyond repair due to minor issues that can be sorted out quickly, like tire problems. Managing a weak tire can lead to an accident that can damn a vehicle completely. Therefore, drivers need to avoid a total loss of their car eventually.

Before we draw the curtain on this, let us not forget that these accidents cause so much delay ( heavy traffic jams), affecting road users who are not even involved.

The Used Tires Recycling, Retreading or Reselling

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