No matter how few your customers may be or how hard it is for them to find you, we can make you do more and expand your customer base. We offer a comprehensive promotion service for shipping agency targeting Africa from Germany with the aim to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

How We Can Make Your Shipping Agency Look Good

Yes, we know the challenges a shipping agency may likely face trying to project from the surface of the crowd and be heard by its right audience in Africa today.

Why? Because we are from Africa and we explore on a regular basis the crowded import and export market in Germany with a connection to Africa.

Rather than spending your time and money executing series of advertisements, let us help you to push the key aspect of your service to the exact customers that need it.

Go Beyond – African Shippers

To understand what we mean, check out this case study about a German company Diallo Automobile, one of the African shippers in our network. In 2018, the shipping agency in Duisburg made its first move to online away from offline-oriented mindset and began a new promotion strategy propelled by brand optimization. In the first 2-3 months, he could be able to discover real-time traffic and potential customers’ calls coming in from different countries in Africa and the EU. Most important, he can be reached online 24 hours a day.

“Before 2018, I haven’t really thought about the benefit which positioning my service and brand awareness online could bring to my business, until I was convinced to optimize my brand. Now I can see how my brand elevates from the crowdy competition. And as an experienced freight forwarding agent, I know how it feels not be getting customers as one deserved”.

Diallo Abubacar, the CEO Diallo Automobile

You don’t have a website or maintain any social media account for your brand? That’s Okay! We have good news for you.

Note: We can do the same for your brand – foster its growth in Germany. On the other hand, making your service details more visible in our network.

See How We Bring Your Shipping Service Closer To African Importers

I have learned it the hard way that things have to be done well online to get the right audiences. But hey, you mustn’t go through the learning curves as I did. And you don’t have to do things yourself. We are here to help you get the most out of your shipping agency service. Just see how we can bring the importers close to you.

  1. 5-Channel Exposure

    Expose your brand to over 5 channels constantly.

  2. Special Brand Page

    You get a special brand page, where you can introduce yourself and your team. Most importantly what you have for your prospective customers.

  3. Add All Services You Have Now Free

    Do you offer more than one service? Fine! We reserved enough space for you. Add all the services you offer today and tomorrow you can add more.

  4. Brand Page Optimization

    Your customers can rarely find you if we don’t direct them to where they can find you. We let search engines know your brand exists and give them what they need to make it important.

  5. Spreading Key Aspect Of Service

    Mentioning your services in our network – when we talk about the shipment, we talk about the key aspect of your services.

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See Why Sharing Your Car Importation Experience Can Be Good For You And Others.