How To Book Your Car For Sale For Nigerian Car Importers

How To Book Your Car For Sale In Nigeria

In just a few simple steps you are ready to get a fast car-selling experience tailored for Nigerian car importers. You can easily book your car for sale with our app Cbb Autos. Our broker service makes the engagement with your potential customers become amazing, while you sell your vehicles faster and profitable from any place you are with internet access.

What Is “Book Your Car For Sale” service?

Book Your Car For Sale is a service created by Car Buyers Broker to help Nigerian vehicle importers to quickly find buyers for their vehicles in Nigeria. Even when they are still where they bought them in a foreign country or on their way to Nigeria. You don’t need to first bring a vehicle to Nigeria before looking for a buyer. This service is also a good way for anyone to find out the current market price of the car you about to bring in.

Who Can Use This Service?

Well, Book Your Car For Sale service targets mainly regular Nigeria vehicle importers but anyone that has a vehicle to ship to Nigeria can use it. People who are in the automobile business in the country know how unstable the market is. You can use this tool to attract unlimited buyers to price your vehicle, chat with them and sell your car at your own desired price. We know how the value of vehicles rapidly depreciates from the moment it gets to the seaport. My own opinion, to sell it faster should be the best option.

Why This Service Is Mainly For Nigeria Vehicle Importers?

Over ten years of experience in importation of vehicles has taught me why I should do my best to sell imported vehicles as quick as possible. Until now most auto importers have little or no opportunity to showcase their vehicles dumped in remote areas waiting in vain for buyers as they decrease in look and price. Now we want to counteract this condition - to give regular importers the chance to make vehicles more approachable to their buyers in Nigeria. Most importantly, this service helps them to get potential buyers for their vehicle not yet shipped or on the way to Nigeria.

How Can We Help You To Sell Your Vehicle Faster?

The effectiveness of our service is very important to us. Based on this we have made “Book Your Car For Sale” an integral part of our services. That means we take also the extra steps to draw the attention of our customers to your listings. Our office in Lagos takes care of the communication with the customer and share with you the feedback on demand. We go further to promote your vehicle offline in all for us available media – contacting our dealership partners and private buyers.

What You Can Do To Sell Your Car Easier?

Whether your car is already on the way to one of the seaports in Nigeria or still in the location where you bought it in a foreign country, you can now Book Your Car For Sale or you can use our Android mobile app Cbb Autos to book it. That‘s all!

What Happens When We Find Buyer For Your Car?

The following 4 things happen when a buyer shows proper interest and ready to buy the vehicle:

1. You get feedback from us about buyers the last price and you tell us the physical location of the vehicle.

2. The buyer comes for the evaluation of the vehicle and documents.

3. When all confirmed positive then you provide your account details for the payment.

4. When payment confirmed in your account you handover the vehicle and its relevant documents to the buyer.

Are you ready now?

Book Your Car For Sale

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