How To Get The Right Shipping Agent In Germany

It is rare to find a shipping agent that can assure you unbeatable service satisfaction if this is your first time of shipping your vehicle or container to Nigeria from Germany because experience has shown us that you need some shipments with a particular agent to know the quality of the service. So how do you find a good shipping agent?

First, let us begin with.

What right shipping agent need to assist you better

Despite effective communication and better customer services, a good shipping agent should have a secured place to park your vehicle - should own a truck or can rent one to transport your cars or container to the seaport. An agent should have an internal system to communicate with the shipping line. It enables him or her to follow up the consignment and receive an alert when there are changes in the shipment. Also should be able to provide contact details where you can pick your document(s) - Bill of Loading & Co.

Your duty as a client to a shipping agent

Don't forget to discuss with your shipping agent to provide you with the contact details where you will collect your "Bill of Loading" - in Nigeria or German office. Either way, always stay in touch with him or her to know when the document is out. You should avoid demurrage by giving your clearing agent the paper on time.

Import items from Germany to Nigeria with your vehicle

You allow to load your vehicle in Germany with items and still pay the same amount for the shipment as when this is empty, unlike when shipping an auto from the United States. You can sell the items and cover some of your expenses. Don't get trapped by Nigerian customs! Just have it in mind that many items imported into Nigeria are contraband. You will need a Nigerian clearing agent to give you better information about those items to load. Contact us for more details about custom clearing services in Lagos, Nigeria.

Important update:  → 18.09.2019 Update on a new policy for loading items in a car in Germany

Give your clearing agent in Nigeria the document

As soon as the Bill of Loading reaches your hand, go and give it to your agent. By now you might have informed your clearing agent about the vehicle coming in and most importantly the type of items loaded in it.

Shipping Companies In Germany That Offer Shipment To Africa

A firm that ensures your consignment gets safely to its destination is a shipping company. However, some challenges could affect the smooth running of such a company. Hindering it from leveraging quality service and maintaining a steady price like security issues, the cost of material going up, congested seaport terminals and changes in rules and regulation. But don't worry, in spite of the challenges you can still find a shipping company that has mastered the situation and ready to go extra miles for your consignment.

Talk with us about your consignment, and we will help find you the right shipping company.

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