We report car buyers views and concerns about importing vehicles to Africa. Buyers have different concerns and opinions about purchasing their desired car when buying and importing cars from Germany. While some are uncomfortable with online payment, others may not understand how the process works because it is their first time. Read further for more reasons.

Autos are expensive in the country, or I cannot find the vehicle I want, which some may say. And that increases the reasons for giving up their importation plan. We realized that a few newcomers in the industry are afraid that their cars could be stranded in Germany. The ongoing car buyers survey is helping us to understand how we can serve you better.

Car Buyers Views On Vehicle Importation [2024 Consumer Report]

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Experience has shown that anything above could happen during vehicle importation. Still, they occur rarely if the potential importer takes the right steps from the beginning. To help importers get things straight from day one, we have created a survey to capture car buyers’ views that could take less than a minute to complete, asking about your concerns about importing cars to Africa.

Ade lives in Nigeria. His dream car is the Mercedes Benz GLK 450 2012 model. After searching top car listing websites in Nigeria without finding his dream car, he imported himself from Germany. However, one little problem stands between Ade and his dream car. Ade does not know how the process of car importation works. So here is what he did:

  1. He searched, “How do I import a car from Germany?” He got many results, filtered them, and chose the best content that showed the step-by-step processes.
  2. Now he knows the steps, but something still confuses him: “Who manages the importation processes?”
  3. He further asked about making the payment and who checks if the car is in good condition.

These questions overwhelmed Mr. Ade at the start of his motor vehicle importation to Africa, which we helped him resolve. You may have a different view or concern regarding these topics. We want to stress that it is for the good of all to share your experience, even when it is uncomfortable, to save others from making fatal mistakes.

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A recent survey on our CarBuyersBroker.com website revealed that more than 41% of car buyers are first-time buyers and often require help to make their first buy successfully. Another 18% of buyers are concerned about making online vehicle payments.

The result of the survey revealed today as follows:

  1. I am a First-time Buyer. Need help (387 Votes) 40%
  2. Online payment (176 Votes) 18%
  3. Don’t Know How It Works (189 Votes) 19%
  4. It Is Expensive (98 Votes), 10%
  5. Can’t Find Wished Car (41 Votes) 4%
  6. My Car Could Be Stranded (56 Votes) 5%

In this post today, we will talk about how to handle any of the above concerns should they arise when importing your vehicle from Germany. We’ll now address each of these concerns one after the other. Buckle up as we roll.

1. I am A First-time Buyer who needs help

Our survey shows that more people are concerned about purchasing their first car online. Given that it is your first time attempting to buy and import your vehicle from abroad, it is understandable that you could feel overwhelmed thinking about how the overall process works. You would also worry about any risks involved and need to take precautions.

It is easy to find, acquire, and finally ship your desired car from Germany to any African destination. This guide on buying and importing used vehicles from Germany contains all the necessary information.

2. Online Payment

The next step after finding your desired car in Germany is payment. If you found your car on a car auction website, you have the option to pay for your vehicle online. As convenient as that sounds, many people have mixed feelings about making payments online for a car they have not physically inspected, which heightens, especially when it is their first time. So, what is the way out?

If you employed a car broker’s service to find, inspect, and finally make payment for your desired car, your agent would inform you of the best way to pay for your vehicle. However, you must do a background check on the agent you choose.

However, if you’re doing it yourself, you would need to be informed about the risks of paying for a car online in Germany before proceeding.

3. Don’t Know How It Works

If you start importing vehicles from Germany to Africa and do not know how the process works, it could discourage you from taking the first step. Remember, you can do it yourself. Car dealerships and classified websites are great places to begin your search for your desired car.

But our recommendation for clients yet to grasp how it works fully is to take reputable car brokers’ services. After you’ve found a car you like online, a car broker will go to the vehicle’s location to inspect it and then buy and ship it if it is as described online. Depending on your arrangement, your car broker can also help you search offline locations for your desired car. You can call them on the video to schedule when to inspect your potential auto before the final payment.

4. It Is Expensive

There is no fixed amount when it comes to the prices of used cars. The price of every vehicle you find in the used car market is determined by its quality and grade.

After you’ve decided on your car of choice and you think the open market price is too high, there are one of two things you could do to buy at a lower price.

Number one, you could bid through your car broker in online car auctions instead of buying outright. That way, you have an increased chance of buying at an affordable price. However, it would be best to be cautious with cars that are too cheap, as this could mean lousy titles or salvage cars.

Number two, you could have your car broker go to offline car garages with used cars for export from Germany to help you find your desired car. Essen and its surrounding cities are great places to buy used cars of any budget in Germany.

5. Can’t Find Wished Car

Our survey revealed that about 3% of our website visitors interested in importing vehicles from Germany are concerned that they may not find their desired car online.

Not finding your desired car online is one of the likely scenarios that could arise when you want to buy and ship your desired car from Germany to Africa. It is common when your desired car is a rare model, brand, or scarce vintage auto. In a situation like that, what do you do?

One way is to hire an auto broker or car-buying agent to head out to offline locations to find your desired car. Another way is to submit your car request to an existing network of auto dealers in Germany who would take it upon themselves to find your dream car.

6. My Car Could Be Stranded

The last 5% of our website visitors who participated in our survey revealed that their concern about buying used cars from Germany online is that their cars could get stranded.

A car could get stranded during importation from Germany to Africa for several reasons. One reason is vehicles break down on the way to your shipping agent from the seller’s location. Another reason could be buying a motor vehicle in an area that is hard to access or getting associated with a lawsuit, among other reasons. However, no reason should be enough to keep you from your desired car. This guide on rescuing a stranded vehicle in Germany would be helpful if a situation arises.

Final Words

Indeed, concerns and challenges will always be associated with importing an item from abroad to your country. However, the principal thing is to focus on the way out more than the worries themselves. That way, you can surmount any challenge should it arise.

In this article, we are going to great lengths to present you with an all-around solution to prevalent concerns and challenges that could arise when buying used vehicles from Germany.

We hope you found this helpful article on concerns about car buying from Germany worthy of reading. Please also read our A to Z Safety Check For Importing Used Vehicles To Africa.

If you have encountered any challenges while importing vehicles from Germany to Africa, please share them with us in the comment section below, and we would be more than happy to help.

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