Is using Autogas (LPG) in Nigeria for you? Here, we will look into converting petrol vehicles to run on LPG. Moreover, you will also look at companies that offer LPG conversion services in Nigeria. How much does it cost to change your car to run on gas? Liquefied Petroleum Gas, or Autogas, is a green alternative to petrol in internal combustion engines.

What Is The Problem With Using Gasoline As Fuel In Automobile Engines?

Recently, petrol engine emissions have primarily contributed to global warming, which has impacted climate change. Across the globe, environmental experts and governments are now advocating for the use of cleaner fuels in our cars. Using LPG alternatives in vehicles reduced CO2 emissions by up to 15%.

Is using Autogas (LPG) in Nigeria for your car?

Based on the high fuel costs (petrol and diesel) in Nigeria, we have decided to do in-depth research on what could be the best for vehicle owners, particularly regarding autogas in Nigeria. If you are interested in this topic, please subscribe below because we will not post the outcome here. We will send it to the subscriber’s inbox.

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva, had this to say about the National Gas Expansion Programme (NEGP), expected to deliver 1 million cars running on LPG by the end of 2021:

So, if you look at the price of PMS versus the price of gas and think that gas is cheaper, it will be more affordable. Gas will even be more reasonable than PMS as it is today. So you see that we are also giving an alternative to ordinary Nigerians.

Besides being cleaner and safer for our environment, the LPG price is also lower than petrol. Using LPG as a transportation fuel in Nigeria significantly reduces fuel and transport costs for private and commercial drivers.

Per our promise, we have researched CNG and LPG Autogas and would like to share our findings. We have created a detailed blog post that includes quizzes and charts to help you fully comprehend this alternative fuel type and learn how to convert your vehicle to run on CNG or LPG. We encourage you to read the article and participate in the quiz, as it covers essential information.

Check this page to learn moreDifference Between CNG And LPG – Educative Quiz With Feedback.

What Vehicle Models Are Adaptable To LPG?

One can virtually convert all petrol-powered vehicles to LPG. However, their prices for each model conversion may differ due to component requirements and work involvement. The advantage at the end of the day is that such cars become double-fuel cars with an option to use either petrol or LPG.

However, you need to know how to convert petrol-powered cars to run on LPG.

Converting Petrol Cars To Autogas

It is not a guide on converting the fuel systems but just content for you to briefly look into what the qualified technicians do when converting petrol cars to Autogas in Nigeria.

Remember, LPG is a susceptible liquid substance that can easily cause an explosion. So you are warned not to do it yourself; leave the conversion and maintenance works for the professionals to do instead.

You must modify your vehicle to have dual-fuel capability before using LPG in your petrol-powered engine.

LPG conversion converts a petrol-powered vehicle with an internal combustion engine to an LPG-powered vehicle. The addition of a secondary fuel system, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, enables the car to run on both petrol and LPG. The overall aim of LPG conversion is to save money on fuel. A new fuel intake system, an LPG tank, piping, a new ECU, and other filler components will need to be installed to convert to work.

Below is a summary of how to convert petrol-powered cars to run on LPG.

  • A petrol-powered car with an internal combustion engine is needed to get started.
  • An LPG cylinder (secondary fuel tank) is fitted into the boot or under your vehicle.
  • A vaporizer to convert liquid LPG into vapor.
  • An LPG intake manifold or injector to deliver the LPG to the combustion chambers
  • A manual fuel selector switch and the gauge inside the car for selecting which fuel to use per time

Note: A vaporizer may be unnecessary if the LPG conversion type is the direct injection system.

Types of LPG Conversion Systems

There are four types of LPG conversion systems. They include:

  1. Converter-and-mixer systems
  2. Vapor phase injection (VPI)
  3. Liquid phase injection (LPI)
  4. Liquid phase direct injection (LPDI)

You can see more detailed information on the LPG conversion systems listed above.

What is the Best LPG Conversion System?

Liquid Propane Direct Injection (LPDI) system is a cutting-edge autogas technology that sets it apart from traditional systems. Instead of vaporizing the autogas, it remains liquid, delivering it directly to the cylinders through the gasoline injectors. This unique approach offers several advantages:

  • Immediate autogas startup: There is no need for separate autogas injectors in the intake manifold, allowing the vehicle to start on autogas immediately.
  • Maintenance-free operation: No filters to replace regularly.
  • Precise fuel dosage: Ensuring optimal efficiency and emissions.
  • Lower CO2 emissions: Even better than other autogas systems.

While the initial investment may be higher than some conversion options, the potential fuel savings over time can make the LPDI system worthwhile for those seeking a superior LPG conversion experience. Of course, consulting with a trusted mechanic is advisable to ensure it aligns with your specific needs and circumstances.

LPG System Conversion Companies in Nigeria

Your search might be, “How do I convert my car to use LPG in Nigeria?” If you are wondering how to convert petrol-powered vehicles to run on autogas in Nigeria, you will need Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a system maintenance company. Since this technology is still new around the country, you should take great care to take your LPG conversion vehicle in Nigeria.

We have compiled this list of the few reputable LPG maintenance companies in Nigeria to aid your search. They include:

  1. NIPCO Plc
  2. THLD International Logistics LTD
  3. Banner Energy
  4. Borkir International Co. LTD
  5. Approved NNPC gas stations

What is the Cost of LPG Conversion in Nigeria?

The cost varies depending on the vehicle’s cylinder you wish to convert. On average, a 4-cylinder costs between N200 000 and N250 000. 6-cylinder cars cost slightly more than that.

Pros of LPG over Petrol in Vehicles

  1. Liquefied petroleum gas is less expensive
  2. With LPG, engine oil and spark plugs require less frequent change
  3. LPG has a higher octane rating and compression ratios, leading to increased power output
  4. Autogas is more environmental-friendly

Can I Import LPG-Powered Cars from Abroad?

Importing a used car equipped with an LPG system from overseas can be a convenient option to avoid the hassle and costs of converting a regular vehicle in Nigeria. Countries like the US, Canada, and Germany have many LPG-powered cars. However, it’s worth noting that importers often remove the LPG components before shipping these cars to Nigeria, as they may not be immediately valuable.

However, the Government’s latest move to make LPG cars a popular option in Nigeria since October 2020 has changed this assumed status quo.

Key Learnings: Use of LPG in Vehicles

Looking at global warming trends, LPG-powered vehicles are preferred to petrol vehicles because they cost less to refill and release less emission, which is good for our environment. One can mainly convert vehicles powered by petrol to run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas. But from the conversion type we know, you still need petrol to start the engine. And the experience has shown that when the gasoline tank is empty, the machine goes off even if you have LPG in its tank.

Four different LPG conversion systems exist, but the Liquid Phase Direct Injection (LPDI) is the best. If you want to buy your vehicle from abroad, you should opt for an LPG-equipped version of your desired car model. It saves you the time and cost of having it converted in Nigeria.

You can import Autogas (LPG-equipped) cars from Germany

Do you know? You can import Autogas (LPG-Equipped) cars from Germany. After importing the vehicle, you only need to find a good technician to adjust the Liquefied Petroleum Gas system to suit Nigerians’ needs, if necessary. Watch the video below to learn how to import such a car.

Do you know? Germans have faced a similar high fuel challenge even recently, where a liter of petrol costs 2 Euro 20 cents.

We hope this article on converting petrol cars to autogas has benefited you. As a parting gift, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with us by clicking the button below to learn how to import your LPG vehicle overseas.

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