One or two reasons may spark your interest in buying used American spec cars in Germany. But what are the differences between Euro-spec and US-spec from the driver’s perspective? This article will focus slightly without getting too technical. In finding out this, we will also examine why the US-used vehicles in the country are suitable for Africa’s auto market and where to find such vehicles in Germany. Further, we look at how autos built based on American specifications get high popularity and ratings among African motor vehicle importers and buyers.

US-spec Cars

Undoubtedly, the exterior and interior of US-spec cars give a comfy impression at first sight. Before getting into the car, you have already started to feel comfortable, which is the value the designers want to communicate. In short, American-spec vehicles offer a relaxation level to make you think you are in your living room while moving on rough African roads. 

How To Buy Used American Spec Cars In Germany

EU-spec Cars

European spec cars are usually straightforward in design and lightweight, which can reduce fuel consumption. But things have changed in the automobile manufacturing industry in recent years. These days, comfortability, fuel efficiency, and being environmentally friendly are very much in focus and significant for most automakers.

Why Is Such Vehicle Specification Right For Africa?

In the German used automobile market slang, the phrase “Export Vehicles” primarily refers to vehicles the seller wants to sell only outside the EU due to fault or when they want to avoid giving a buyer warranty. But what does it have to do here? Well, pretty much! If you’re going to buy cars cheaper, not only American specifications, applying this phrase in your search would be helpful. Here are the five reasons US-spec cars in Germany are suitable for African Auto Buyers:

  1. Benefitting from German maintenance culture.
  2. American-spec cars have a small market in the EU.
  3. The cost of maintaining US-spec in Germany is higher.
  4. Some faults may require importing parts from the US.
  5. There are issues that only US car technician specialists can fix, and there are not many in the country.

The four last points make American spec cheaper in Germany for the export market like Africa. And there is no difference in the shipment of those cars compared with Euro-spec cars.

Where Can You Buy US-spec Cars In Germany?

Despite searching on numerous online platforms, another common way to find and buy American spec cars in Germany is to look for locations where more American residents settle in the country, like cities with military bases. The early 1990s marked the end of the Cold War. Some army installations were closed, but US citizens have finally decided to settle in those areas. The businesses we know today within the locations are conceived on the military presence, and one of them is selling American-spec used cars.

Here are the cities and districts where more Americans settled in one place. They are also where you can find more US-spec cars and auto dealers in Germany:

1. Ansbach2. Böblingen3. Baumholder
4. Darmstadt5. Dülmen6. Germersheim
7. Hohenfels8. Illesheim9. Kaiserslautern
10. Landstuhl11. Mainz12. Mannheim
13. Pirmasens14. Ramstein15. Spangdahlem
16. Stuttgart17. Wiesbadenetc.

Importing The Cars From Germany To Africa

Some US servicemen and women bring their vehicles from the US, while some prefer to buy the US-spec in Germany because they are familiar. However, they may decide to sell them. Experience has shown that the specification has a small market in the country, as stated in the list above. To be more specific, few Germans are interested in buying American-spec used cars due to maintenance costs.

Also, auto parts of European-spec do not match in some areas of the vehicles’ components, which may be challenging for car owners trying to import the unmatched parts from the USA.

With this information, buying and importing such vehicles to Africa could be cheaper if you know exactly where to get them and how to negotiate their prices. Besides, finding the right shipping agent is something to take into consideration.

But wait, what can you do if you do not know how car-buying works in Germany? I will advise you to read our comprehensive article below on importing a vehicle from abroad. Check → 21 Checklist To Buy And Import Car To Africa.

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