Buying Used Car In Cologne (Köln) Germany

How To Buy Used Car In Cologne (Köln) Germany

Cologne, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). One of the most densely populated cities in Germany, with a history that can be traced back over 2000 years, well-mixed in different cultures and nationalities. It can be seen in various open events like a carnival. The international airport is close to the border to Rösrath but not far from the heart of the city. About 20 minutes with the train (S12) or (S19). By car 16 to 19 minutes, it depends on how free the road is.

Where To Buy Used Car In Cologne

You have many options on where to buy used cars in Cologne. One of them is Autokino (Trödelmarkt) in Köln Porz, a district of Cologne. Another place you can get second-hand vehicles in large quantities is where car dealers and auto technicians group themselves to form a prominent market place like in Vogelsanger Str Köln-Ehrenfeld. Try mechanic workshops if you have the time and patience because mostly they have auto dealers who buy from them and resell and often the cars they sell have one thing or the other to be repaired in them.

Finding Less Popular Used Auto Dealers Location

Indeed, there are some other areas you can purchase a second-hand vehicle around Cologne that could be less popular, but your goal may be to get your wish. Use the automotive internet platform for used autos to find their locations. But check the distance between you and where you find a car. Possibly, you could get your desired auto a neighboring city closest to you or in towns, and suburbs near Cologne.

What Other Cities, Towns And Suburbs Near Cologne?

1. Hürth 2. Frechen 3. Leverkusen
4. Wesseling 5. Dormagen 6. Bensberg
7. Triosdorf 8. Bruhl 9. Pulheim
10. Bergisch Gladbach 11. Niederkassel 12. Odenthal
13. Monheim 14. Rösrath 15. Erftstadt
16. Langenfeld 17. Bornheim 18. Kerpen

Researching About The Vehicle

You can rarely get it right if you do not know what you want and how to get it when it comes to buying used cars in Germany. The advantage an auto dealer has over an inexperienced buyer is that he does it regularly and has equipped himself with enough experience to quickly know if you can press the right button that will make him give you a discount. It is why you may consider equipping yourself with the information you get from your research about your wished car before going to a dealership. Remember, you get what you negotiate.

Though you may know the vehicle to buy, the research can give some other vital information about the technics like the variation of the engines, fuel-efficiency, number of seats the car must-have for you, transmission, etc. Make a list of the essential features you want to see in the vehicle. Doing it will make you appear confident at the dealership.

Checking The Car Properly

Check the features of the auto against your list on arriving at the dealership or elsewhere. See the engine and transmission work well. Watch the dashboard display for any unusual light showing. It is sometimes not a good sign when the seller starts the vehicle before you are there. It may be because fault shows when the engine is still cold. Your next step is to test-drive the car. If you are satisfied with what you drive and hear, then it is the time to go for negotiation.

Negotiate And Get A Discount

It is not a must you get a discount on the new or used car you want to buy. It depends on how skillful you are in negotiation and how far the dealer is ready to go down. Or how quickly he wants to sell the vehicle. But it does not mean when the dealer/seller says that it is a fixed price (Festpreis), you cannot make a deal. A good starting point would be to compare what the dealer wrote on the ad description with what you see or hear when you are test-driving the car. A simple fault may force a dealer to give a discount. However, try to verify the cost of fixing the fault before paying for the vehicle.

Key Learnings On Buying Used Cars In Cologne

Cologne, in German (Köln) is a beautiful multicultural city. There are a significant number of places if you are looking for where to buy used cars there. Check your wished auto in towns and suburbs near Cologne. Research before going to a seller. Properly test-drive the vehicle and then start a negotiation.

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