If you are getting into Work and Pay Cars in Ghana, here are things to know about the contract. You wanted to engage in transport services like taxis, Yango, Uber, and others but could not because you did not have the vehicle to start the business. In 2024, you will have fewer challenges getting the auto you can use to work and pay in installments.

Some automotive firms have given thought to the situation and introduced systems to ensure that interested persons can get the cars they need to work even when they do not have enough money to pay in full. Doing this is typically known as Work and Pay in Ghana.

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Getting Loan In Ghana For Work And Pay

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The term “work and pay,” as the Ghanaians call it, has a concept that is similar to the Hire purchase practiced by many countries like Nigeria, America, and even Ghana. However, the law guiding it is less formal. The rules and regulations governing Work and Pay practices are not directly in Ghana’s constitution. The law that regulates the hire purchase is mainly in a country’s constitution where it is operational. For instance, the Hire Purchase Act of Nigeria is in the Nigerian constitution and Ghana.

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So what is “Work and Pay” in depth?

Work and Play is a terminology that is peculiar to the Ghana people. It describes a contractual relationship between a driver and the owner of a car. In this system, the driver agrees to pay a stated amount as an initial deposit before paying up the balance subsequently over an agreed time (following the payment schedule. It could be daily, weekly, or even monthly).

Note that there is no specific amount to be paid for a particular vehicle in Work and Play, and the period to complete the payment is also not static. Depending on the dealer’s choice, it could be within a year or more.

Requirements of Work and Pay Cars In Ghana

1. The terms of the agreement must be in writing.

The items that the written agreement contained are as follows:

  1. Full names of the driver and the owner of the vehicle
  2. The residential address of the parties
  3. The date on which parties reached the agreement
  4. The purchase price of the car and the amount to pay in installments
    (weekly or monthly).
  5. Lastly, the duration of the contract.

Both should reach an agreement in the presence of two witnesses—one for the intending buyer and the other witness for the owner.

2. The vehicle in question should be in good condition.

3. the owner’s duty remains to cater to the vehicle’s insurance, road-worthy certificate, and every due tax as long as the contract is still in Play.

4. The following are the things the driver must not do as long as in the contract:

  1. Engage in any form of criminal or unlawful activity
  2. He must not park the car in a technician’s workshop for long.
  3. The driver must not give any other person the vehicle to drive for him.

5. The driver can pay the purchase price and gain ownership of the vehicle even before the contract’s expiration (the date to complete the payment).

6. The driver can dissolve the agreement if the contract is active. However, he must notify the owner before ending the deal. This notification must be in writing, and the vehicle must work well.

7. In Work and Pay, the owner does not have the right to end the contract if the driver has not committed any offense that would warrant that.

The owner Must provide

8. Receipts for all the payments made by the driver. The owner should arrange the bank statement if they paid the money to the owner’s bank account.

9. Once paying the full payment, the owner must transfer the vehicle ownership to the driver.

Personal Details For Work and Play Vehicle

To be qualified to take on a vehicle on a work and pay basis, you must have the undermentioned:

→ National ID. Card.
(You can use your voter’s card, traveling passport, Ghana card, and the like.)

  • Proof of address ( digital or physical).
  • Ghanaian driver’s license ( it must be Valid).
  • An eligible guarantor
  • Lastly, the sum is to be paid as a down deposit.

Work and Pay Car dealers In Ghana

Here is a detailed survey of some of the work and pay companies available in Ghana.

Nimdy Motors

The first on our list is the Nimdy motors. This company ships new, second-hand, and salvaged automobiles from other countries into Ghana. They sell cars, engage in swap deals, and render rental services to Ghanaians. They do work and pay and give loans to qualified persons.

Vehicles mainly imported by Nimdy Motors are Hyundai, Chevrolet, etc.

If you are reading this article and are interested in getting a car through the work and pay system, Nimdy Motors is here.

You can contact or visit their office opposite Shell filling station, Tafia junction Accra.

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DC. Motors

The company provides a flexible system for anyone applying for a work-and-pay Car in Ghana. The flexibility of their options ensures that customers with little money can also do business. DC Motors provides vehicles that can be used as private cars or as Uber, Taxify, Lyft, Yango, and other transport outfits obtainable in Ghana. Some of the motor vehicles favored by the company include KIA Morning, Toyota Vitz, and Yaris.

DC Motors requires 10% of the vehicle’s price as a down deposit.

Entering into work and paying a contract with DC Motors is relatively easy. All you need to do is to locate their office, and when you are going to the office, endeavor to go with the following items:

  1. one photocopy of your Ghanaian driver’s license
  2. two copies of your passport photograph
  3. a responsible guarantor (with a copy of his or her passport photograph)
  4. the 10% initial deposit.

After reaching an agreement and paying the initial deposit of 10%, the subsequent payments are scheduled as follows:

  1. Personal car (GHS 2000/3000 monthly).
  2. Uber (GHS 450/500 every week).
  3. Taxify. (GHS 450/500 every week).
  4. Bolt. (GHS 450/500 every week).
  5. Taxi (GHS 500 every week).

You can contact DC Motors on WhatsApp at 0242666593 or visit their office at Spintex Road, shell signboard traffic light.

Exilic transport limited

This car dealer ( exilic transport) is dedicated to assisting taxi and Trotro drivers in achieving their dreams of becoming car owners through the work and pay system. They fulfill their objective by laying down flexible pay-as-you-work plans for drivers.

The typical car manufacturers sell Toyota, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and many more.

How can I apply for work and pay for a car from these companies?

It is straightforward. Select any work-pay dealer of your choice and contact them. You can either dial their line or visit their office. Contact and ask them questions on issues that are not clear to you.

Once you strike a deal with them and fulfill your obligations, you are just months away from having your car.

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