Auto Export Service In Germany - Vehicle Buying Export Clearing

Auto Export Service In Germany

For any reason, you want to buy and export an auto from Germany to Nigeria - including clearing service in Lagos. Yes, we can do it for you - we have done it for many of our customers. We are car buyer’s broker that operates intercontinental - Europe and Africa. Currently, have offices in Germany and in Nigeria. Car Buyers Broker is a company you can rely on when,

  1. Searching for any type of vehicle in Germany and other countries in the European Union. We are maintaining efficient contact details of vehicle dealers EU-wide.
  2. Getting you the best deals - we have been in the vehicle dealership and importation for many years. So we know how to get you the vehicle you want and negotiate the best deals for you.
  3. Finding serious shipping agent - since our business is well-connected in Germany - we can easily get you an agent closer to where we bought your vehicle to reduce the cost of the transportation to a shipping agent which will later reflect on the total cost of the vehicle.
  4. Handling the documentation - we handle the documentation transparently. Where things are not clear for our customer, we provide a straightforward clarification.
  5. Releasing your job from Germany to our office in Nigeria - once our office in Germany sends your vehicle to the seaport - Antwerp, Belgium, Hamburg, etc. - we forward all vehicle documents to our office in Lagos.
  6. Processing the customs clearance in Nigeria - immediately we get the alert that the ship has left, we start the customs clearance process. Here you will not do anything than to wait for our alert.

These are the services we offer in our offices in Nigeria:

  1. Specialist in clearing all type of vehicles
  2. Customs clearance of containers with vehicles
  3. Import documentation services
  4. Arrangement of transportation
  5. Release from the shopping line

We know that no consignment is like the other likewise the wishes of our importers. Based on this fact, we created individual solution services to better serve each customer according to the content of his or her consignment.

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