Finding And Buying Vehicles In Germany For UK used car buyers

UK Service - Buying Cars In Germany For Sale To Africa

Get exceptional vehicle buying service for the UK used car buyers if you want to buy a car in Germany and ship to Africa. Find a vehicle online at any location in the country, and we take care of the legwork for you. Or you could choose our full service, and make a request:

  1. We find the car in our network for you
  2. Help to purchase it (from a private seller or an auto dealer)
  3. Organize the transportation within Germany
  4. Shipping the vehicle to your chosen country
  5. You get a full car service history (Scheckheft)
  6. Including the last inspection document (TÜV)
  7. Vehicle technical check (On request)

Additional service when shipping to Nigeria (On request):

  1. Clearing the vehicle from the customs
  2. And transportation within Nigeria
  3. Registration of the car in Nigeria

We operate nationwide but have established connections with auto dealers in the following cities:

Cologne Düsseldorf Leverkusen Duisburg
Limburg Gießen Dormagen Bonn
Wiesbaden Koblenz Pulheim Frankfurt
Essen Aachen Odenthal Mainz
Mannheim Wünzburg Münster Bremen
Damstadt Dortmund Bottrop etc...
Whatsapp: +49 175 37 95 897
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We welcome you to visit us in Germany. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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