Toyota Land Cruiser 79 HZJ Pick-up single cab


The Land Cruiser Pick-Up Single Cab prioritizes durability and functionality over luxury, making it an off-road champion with a robust engine and sturdy suspension.


The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 HZJ Pick-up single cab 4.2L is a heavy-duty, off-road truck designed for harsh environments and demanding terrain. Here’s a breakdown of its key features based on information available online:


  • 4.2L naturally aspirated inline-6 diesel engine (likely the 1HZ engine) known for reliability and durability


  • Manual transmission (typically 5-speed)
  • Four-wheel drive system for superior off-road capability

Body and Capacity:

  • Single cabin configuration with seating for three
  • Pickup bed for cargo hauling
  • Rugged body-on-frame construction for strength and longevity

Other Features (may vary depending on specific model and market):

  • Simple and functional interior
  • Air conditioning
  • Central locking
  • Basic audio system
  • Steel wheels with off-road tires
  • Spare tire
  • Limited driver and passenger airbags (depending on regulations)

Typical Applications:

  • Work trucks in remote locations or challenging environments (mining, construction, agriculture)
  • Off-road expedition vehicles
  • Emergency response and support vehicles


  • The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series is primarily sold in Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and South America. It may not be available in all regions, including North America and Europe.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Focus on Durability and Functionality: This truck prioritizes reliability and toughness over comfort and features.
  • Off-road Prowess: Its powerful engine, 4WD system, and rugged suspension make it well-suited for tackling challenging terrain.
  • Limited Passenger Capacity: The single cab offers minimal passenger space.
  • Fewer Amenities: Expect a basic and utilitarian interior compared to modern pickups.

If you’re looking for a near-unbreakable workhorse for off-road use in Africa, the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 HZJ Pick-up single cab 4.2L could be a great option. However, other trucks might be better suited if you prioritize passenger comfort, everyday features, or on-road drivability.


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