Wholesaler Items Market Research Calculator: Service For African Importers

Have you considered an item market research for your importation? Success in buying and selling requires keeping an eye on market trends while acquiring in-depth information about the prices of the items in question to better judge their profitability before venturing into the purchase. And that is what we can help you do in the EU: Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. We do an item search, get mainly the wholesaler prices, and give the buyer feedback -> Submit your request.

Retailer Product Inquire

As a retailer, you buy cheaper products from the item shop but may require you to purchase a high quantity. Before giving us your five-item list, you need to check how the goods are selling in your local market.

Consumer Item Research

Item shops differentiate retailers from consumers when it comes to pricing. So wholesalers do not sell to private individuals because of policy reasons. But we assist consumers in getting the products they want based on the number of items suitable for their budget.

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Market Check In Germany, Belgium Or The Netherlands
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We can only check the list of items you provide for us. If you want us to check for more than five items then you pay 20 Euro for each extra item. The market check focuses on only the country you choose. Check the list of what we can do on the items search here.
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List Of What To Check On Item Market Research

What we can do in items market research:

  1. Gathering information from websites dealing with products or services in question.
  2. Sharing the information in our network to further refine the result of the market research.
  3. Comparing prices available for us and selecting the best offers within the range of our research.
  4. Compiling our final result and sharing it with the customer.
List Of What To Check On Item Market Research

Note: We do all the processes remotely without running from one location to another. If you want us to go for a specific product or service physical location, please understand that it will attract a transportation cost.

Why Do You Need Item Research Service?

Why Do You Need Item Research Service?

Simply say, the service lets you have deeper information about the product you are searching to buy and helps you import the items from the EU.

Shipping policies imposed in recent years have affected how we export goods from the EU to Africa. It may interest you to read about it here: Policy On Loading Items In Car.

Since then, we have been inquiring about another way to ship your car with items loaded. And the only option available is Container Groupage Shipping, also called LCL (Less Container Load). That means sharing a container with others.