Guinea is a coastal country located in West Africa. It is bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city of Guinea is called Conakry, and it is the largest city in Guinea. One advantage that places the country on the map as a viable destination for importing used cars from Germany is its coastal position and accessibility to seaports, unlike other neighboring countries like Mali, which are landlocked.

Guide For Importing Used Cars To Guinea Conakry Africa

The guide for importing used cars from Germany to Guinea Conakry will show you a more accessible way to import your vehicle safely and cheaply. You also know more about vehicle import duties and taxes (RTL & VAT) if you are looking for an agency to ship your car, bus, or truck from Germany to Guinea Conakry.

We can help you get the right one in our network that has excellent freight forwarding experience in the country. Here are things to know about the age restriction on RoRo vehicle shipment to Guinea Conakry on the 1st of March 2021 (01.03.2021).

The Age Restriction On RoRo Vehicle Shipment To Guinea Conakry

Latest news: There will be an implementation of an age restriction for used vehicles to Guinea Conakry, affecting RORO shipments, stated our source, one of the top shipping agencies in Germany, for the shipment of cars, buses, or trucks to the country. Our recent meeting with him showed us when the limitation would take effect on the above date.

The confinement will be active from the loading date or bill of lading date on the 1st of March 2021. And here are the changes Guinean auto importers should expect:

  1. From cars and mini-vans up to 3.5 Tons: Maximum eight years
  2. Bus for passengers with 7-seaters or more: Maximum ten years
  3. Large vans, trucks, and other motor vehicles above 3.5 Tons: Maximum twelve years

Please consult the minister responsible for the confinements before deciding for more clarity. However, keep checking back here. We will inform you of any new developments on the topic.

Guinea As Automobile Hub For Its Neighboring Countries

Guinea shares a border with several other countries, such as Senegal to the north, Guinea-Bissau to the northeast, Mali to the northeast, Ivory Coast to the east, Liberia to the south, and Sierra Leone to the southwest. With over 13 million people,  Guinea’s economy depends mainly on agriculture and mineral resources such as bauxite, gold, and diamond. The official language spoken in Guinea is French.

Vehicle Import Duties and Taxes (RTL & VAT) In Guinea Conakry

Charge of 18% RTL plus VAT on all vehicles you import into Guinea. The duty to be paid is 40 – 50% of the car’s sales value, calculated by the Customs. Including a 20% depreciation margin as part of the calculation.

Used Car Market In Guinea

Although Guinea’s ports aren’t as busy as some other countries’ ports in West Africa, it still boasts of relatively plentiful used cars coming in from abroad steadily.

Currently, car importation from Germany into Guinea is on an all-time increase. Buying brand-new cars is often not within an average Guinean’s financial strength, making foreign-used cars a desirable alternative. Also, the Guinea custom process for imported vehicles is relatively straightforward, making the process as easy as possible.

Guinea Custom Process For Car Importation

Before successfully importing any vehicle into Guinea, you must write to the Guinea Customs Authority requesting an import permit in advance. You may be unable to ship your consignment to the country without approval. With no wasting of time, the authority approves your importation as long as your vehicle meets the requirements (which we will discuss further in this article).

See → The Guinea Government Contact List Here

Knowing Your Purpose And Required Documents

People import vehicles into Guinea for temporal use, as part of a humanitarian mission, and mainly for resale purposes, making the required document for importation different. However, you must present a letter to the General Customs Manager explaining your purpose for importing your desired vehicle to import your car successfully.

You will get a valid one-month temporal admission form in reply to your letter. You will also be made available to the Ministry of Transport, intimating them of the vehicle’s arrival at the ports.

All vehicles intended to be imported into the country must go through a pre-shipment inspection. It is usually done before the actual import. Below is a step-by-step guide on how the process works:

Step-By-Step Guide: Importing Used Cars To Guinea

  1. Present letter to Customs requesting permission for vehicle import. Include an IM5 declaration and receipts for VAT and RTL, which show that you’ve paid for importation. If you intend to resale, complete an IM4 form, a Definite Import Declaration.
  2. Present your vehicle purchase order alongside a Fich de Demande d’Inspection.
  3. Provide information about the export country and shipping company.
  4. A pre-inspection is carried out by a CRE inspector who will mark it “satisfactory” if it meets set standards.
  5. Upon meeting the standard, your vehicle will be given a customs position and a final invoice price for passing through Guinea ports and customs.
  6. Finally, when your vehicle arrives at the ports, it takes 1 – 4 days to be cleared by customs. In sporadic cases, an additional inspection can occur when a car comes to Guinea ports.

Most Affordable And Fuel-Efficient Cars For Guinea Used Auto Market

Mazda 323 AutomaticMazda 323 ManualMazda 3 Automatic
Mazda 626 AutomaticMazda Premacy AutomaticMazda 3 Manual
Mercedes C180 AutomaticNissan AlmeraNissan Micra
Nissan SunnyFord TransitRenault Kango with AC

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Buying And Shipping Your Car to Guinea Conakry

As mentioned earlier in this article, importing vehicles from Germany or the US into Guinea is reasonably straightforward. To make the process even more seamless, you can use an online car auction service to bid for cars from the comfort of your home. Upon winning a successful bid, you can have the auction service arrange shipping for your vehicle to your destination port in Guinea for a fee. Alternatively, you can consult an independent shipping company to handle your auto’s shipping to the Conakry port.

Guinea has a total of 4 seaports, namely:

  1. Port of Benti
  2. Port of Conakry
  3. Port of Kakande
  4. Port of Kamsar

Guinean car importers mainly route their vehicles through the Port of Conakry, often called Conakry Port.

Car Shipping Methods From Abroad to Guinea

Before you ship your vehicle to Guinea, you must discuss your shipping agent or company’s available shipping options to know what best suits your needs and budget.

Generally, there are three major shipping options that you can choose to ship your vehicle to Guinea. These options include:

  1. Ro-Ro Shipping
  2. Container Shipping
  3. Air Cargo Shipping

Ro-Ro Shipping

Ro-Ro means Roll-on, Roll-Off. In the RoRo Shipping method, cars are driven directly into the departure port’s carrier vessel and off at the arrival port. RoRo shipping is the most cost-effective method of transporting a vehicle to most African countries and is ideal for motor vehicles not loaded with additional goods inside.

Container Shipping

The container shipping method utilizes a shipping container. There are options for either a 20-feet or 40-feet container. If you ship only one vehicle, you will need a 20-feet container.

Although container shipping is less cost-effective than RoRo shipping, it has its advantage over other methods. It is the best shipping method for cars with additional goods or items. Before your shipment arrives at Conakry Port Guinea, you must have arranged to pick up your auto or have your shipping agent deliver it to your doorstep.

Air Cargo Shipping

Air cargo shipping is the fastest method to get your vehicle to Guinea. However, this type of shipment is mainly for luxury or high-end cars, and it takes a couple of days to reach the destination. Air shipping is a more expensive delivery method than sea shipping, but its advantages cannot be underrated.

Critical Learnings For Importing Used Cars To Guinea Fairly

Car importation from Germany or the US into Guinea is a straightforward process. You must deal mainly with the Guinean customs service to get the job done. You can also utilize an online car auction service to buy cars overseas and ship your purchase to Guinea.

Guinea is a coastal country, which means it has an accessible seaport to the ocean, making shipping by sea a cost-efficient route for vehicle importation.

Now that you know the practical details of car importation from Germany into Guinea, you should also know that Guineans have a penchant for robust and cost-effective cars, such as Mazda 3, Mazda Premacy automatic transmission, Nissan Almera, and more. Likewise, Guinea is a left-hand drive country; therefore, you should note this when importing vehicles into Guinea.

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