How To Import Used Vehicle To Ghana From Germany

Importing used vehicle to Ghana

Ghana is a country located in West Africa, with over 30 million population and top exporter of cocoa and gold.

Meanwhile, the country is diversifying its economy away from these two things to focus more on the petrochemical and steel industry as a foundation for its new automobile industry plan and environmental pollution control.

As a result, it took serveral measures that affect the importation used vehicles in Ghana.

You can import a second-hand car but it should not be above ten years of age (10 years old) or the importer face a penalty payment.

The overage of a vehicle is a serious matter in the country today, according to Ghana importers in our network.

Is the storm over to import used cars to Ghana? A few years ago, as the new policy shocked the second-hand vehicle industry in the country, importers were forced out of business.

Today some of them have managed to put themselves together to come back.

Yes, it was a hard time not only for the importers also for suppliers and partners.

The policy brought in a re-think that strongly influence pre-owned auto importation to Ghana, according to Mike, who called to place an order of three cars for shipment to Ghana.

See what Mike meant →  Ghana Vehicle Duty Calculation And Cost Of Importing Used Cars To Ghana

He continued..

"I am now glad that the storm is over, at least from my perspective."

Mike is not alone in this situation. We have noticed an increase in the number of buyers calling to purchase vehicles in Germany.

This time with the instruction to avoid any car above ten years of age.

Do you want to import use car to Ghana?

We have good news for you. Let us buy and ship your desired auto from Germany, and you get 70 Euro off the price, whether you are a new or old customer.

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Finding Used Cars For Ghana In Germany

As long as you can have access to the internet, buying used vehicles in Germany becomes borderless. From Ghana, you will surely find your car online. We have put together for your websites with millions of second-hand vehicles Germany and other EU countries, for your search to go smoothly. However, we can also assist if you do not have the time to search for it yourself.

How Can You Get Fairly Used Cars For Ghana Cheaper In Germany?

Technicians repair auto parts to fix vehicles in Africa but only a few mechatronic engineers (a combination of an electrical and mechanical system engineering) practice this in Germany. Why? Because of the service cost to change an auto part - even done by a non-professional in the country is high. A vehicle owner sometimes chooses to sell it off. As you can see, there is an excellent chance to get slightly damaged motor vehicles cheaper in Germany. And this is where an export auto buying service could be of great assistance.

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Do It Yourself (DIY) Buying A Car Online In Germany

One can barely know your wish more than you. Do you have the time to search online? And the bargaining power to get deals for yourself. Great, if that is the case. However, I would like to give you something on your way to transact with online vehicle sellers in Germany.

  1. Part-payment for the car you have seen and someone you do not know may not be the best idea.
  2. Have it in mind that the vehicle you want to by may look different as in the description online.
  3. Check the location between the seller and your shipping agency to avoid paying high transportation costs within Germany.
  4. It is common to restart a negotiation when one gets there, but not every seller understands it.
  5. Except you have a reason to negotiate further, do not go to the extent that the seller will refuse to sell the vehicle to you.
  6. Buying second-hand autos online are becoming highly competitive. Sometimes you see competitors topping money to the actual price a seller wants to sell his or her vehicle.
  7. Try build connection to people that can assist you in running the process even if you are in Germany at the time.

Solution For Importing Overage Vehicles To Ghana

I want to begin the paragraph with this motivational quote.

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

After the storm, there is hope somewhere. Yes, since the new overage policy, the car importers in Ghana are making every effort to bring back life into their businesses and we can see a tremendous improvement. On the other hand, we work closely with importers for a better solution. We are assisting them in getting underaged or overaged vehicles that the age below 12 years and a maximum of 5% of CIF value at affordable prices. We further talk with shipping agencies and transporters in our network to get discounts from their services for the importers.

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What Vehicles Sell Well In Ghana?

Despite the instability of the used automotive industry in Ghana today, there are a fair number of cars you can import to Ghana without having to encounter lost. It depends on how you invest and your goal. It is also crucial to pick the right service provider to manage your importation process. The time one buys a used car above twelve years and make a profit out of them has gone. Buyers need to properly check different stages of their transactions and adjust things accordingly to be profitable at last.

What To Check When Importing Cars To Ghana?

The age of an auto - importing a vehicle that exceeds ten years from the date of the manufacturing (not the first registration date) is allowed. Still, you will pay the penalty according to the number of years above the ten years.

Calculate import duty - always make an import duty calculation. It helps you stay updated and know the exact clearing cost of your vehicle.

Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) - know what CIF value is about and how to use it to evaluate the duty of your second-hand vehicles.

Buying a damaged car - before importers escape high duty payment by buying slightly damaged autos. Today, it makes no difference in the amount to pay for duty.

Buying a car for Taxi Or Taxi-Alternative (Uber)

You can import an auto not more than ten years old to start your taxi business in Ghana without paying the penalty. But once it exceeded the year, you will face the charge. Another thing is to find out which car is very economical and easy to maintain - since you are going to intensively for such business, it should be reliable.

Talk To Experts With A Vast Knowledge Of Cars

What sometimes underrated is the expert knowledge in the field one which is about to enter. Experience has shown that the initial good advice from an expert saves you time and money.

Who are the experts you may talk to when it comes to running a taxi?

  1. With the right approach, your future competitors may partly reveal to you the secret in the business.
  2. Technical advice - seek advice from qualified mechanics/electricians who have excellent knowledge of the vehicle you wish to buy. They know much about economical and easy to maintain autos you can import to Ghana for public transport.
  3. Another source you can get vital information about such business is from your friends and relatives. Smile if you are lucky to get someone who is into it since past generations.

Make a list of vehicles that may fit perfectly to your needs as you go around gathering some crucial information for your start-up. And request your car according to the specification you have on the list. While doing so, consider the following:

  1. Displacement of the engine (Ex.: 1.4, 1.6)
  2. The exact model you got from the experts
  3. Transmission type
  4. Number of doors the car should have

It is crucial to send the well-detailed information of cars you wish to buy to anyone that can support you in purchasing them if you will not be in Germany at the time.

Where Else To Find Cars In Germany

There is an excellent chance that you will find your desired vehicle online from Ghana as long as you have access to the internet. But you need someone to assist you respective of where you are - inside or outside Germany. Taking the service of a car broker is common even among the people who live in the country. Such support is to enable you to focus on the main thing you are doing while someone else manages and monitors the process of your car importation. The car buying service covers to

  1. Find and buy the car
  2. Make transport arrangement within Germany
  3. Shipping the vehicle to Ghana
  4. Sending the vehicle relevant documents to you

Can I Negotiate The Price Of A Second-hand Car?

Of cause, you can. We encourage you to do so. You will not get a deal if you do not haggle over the price of a used car in Germany. It lays on the nature of the business that a private seller or a dealership expects you to ask for a discount even when they made it clear that it is a fixed price. In most cases, there is a reason to negotiate or start a re-negotiation. You have to come up with a proper technique for this because the majority of auto dealers bargain regularly, and they are very skillful at it.

So how much does it cost to ship a car to Ghana?

Shipping Your Car To Ghana

To export your vehicle to various major terminals in Ghana from Germany is very simple. There are many shipping agencies out there that offer this service. Now the question is what type of shipment will be preferable for your consignment:

1) Roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro)

This transporting enables a fast shipment of the vehicle with no delay. It is perfect for importers that need their cars as quick as possible. However, you are allowed to load a few items on the boot side. Read this

2) Container Groupage Shipment

It is also called LCL. This type of shipment is the most cost-effective way for many countries and besides has other advantages like you can ship a fully-loaded car via this form. You may send a slightly damaged accident car not rollable or driveable you can easy to fix in Ghana.

3) Full Container Load

This form of freight could be the best if you have sufficient capital to load a full container. And carry the expenses that will come along with it.

4) Load Your Car On A truck

You have the option to load your car on a truck but must follow the rules and regulations for its loading.

But take note. Recently a new policy prohibits a full load of items in a car, vans and SUV/CUV in Germany and some other EU countries. You need to consult your shipping agent if you want to find out how to best load your vehicle without facing any challenge from the port authority.

7 Questions To Ask When Importing Vehicles To Ghana

  1. Which autos are suitable for Ghana?
  2. Have you enough information for them?
  3. Where can you find such cars abroad?
  4. How can you buy a vehicle from Ghana?
  5. What is the cost of shipping a car to Ghana?
  6. How is CIF value calculated for cars in Ghana?
  7. When are you spared from paying import duty in Ghana?

Here are tools and useful sources to help you answer the questions:

Tools to calculate duty in Ghana

Current driver and vehicle licensing authority

More source for the importation of autos to Ghana

Internal Link to request your car in Germany from Ghana
Vehicle Buying Enquiry For Ghana

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