The Cost of Importing A Car From Germany To Nigeria

Importing a car from Germany to Nigeria is very easy and straightforward but to determine the cost, there should be a need to precisely choose the type of vehicle to import. The cost of importing cars to Nigeria can be influenced by factors like the policies of the shipping lines, location of the vehicle or prices offered by the shipping agencies. To help you make the right decision and import cars cheaper, we’ll be informing you of the latest update in this discussion. 

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Cars Import Details You Should Know

In most cases, cars that have a maximum 5-seater falls into one shipping price category between €450 to €600. While Cars within the size of MPV (Multipurpose Van) like Volkswagen Sharan, Ford Galaxy, Mazda MPV, Mazda Premacy, Honda Odessy, Toyota Picnic, Mitsubishi L300 including SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) or CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) like Mercedes ML 320 or Lexus 330 get a higher price category between €650.00 to €850.00. The shipping prices depend on the location in Germany which the car will be shipped from.

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How The Location Of A Car Can Influence The Shipping Cost

Before getting the total cost of importing a car from Germany to Nigeria, one should also know exactly the type of car to import and the location of it in Germany because

1. the shipping cost is based on the size of a vehicle and

2. the cost of transporting it to the shipping terminal which is already in the price of the shipment.

This only focused on the transaction between the shipping agent and shipping line and not the transportation of the vehicle from where it is bought to a shipping agent.

Example With Mercedes C-Klasse 180

In a scenario whereby you find two Mercedes C-Klasse 180 - one located in a remote area in Bayern and another one in Cologne. It is possible that the shipping price of the car in Bayern could be higher because shippers have a long way to shipping terminals. Sure, there may be some other factors that can influence this cost but not covered here.

Total Cost Of Importing A Car With Transport And Shipment

Say you want to buy a Toyota Corolla 1996 to 1999 or Toyota Avensis 2001 to 2003 model and it has to be a European Specification. From Nigeria, you find your desired car in Germany that the cost of buying it is €1100. The cost of shipment for it is €450 when shipping from Cologne and the cost transporting it to a shipping agent typical based on €1 per kilometer. But what you should also know is that you may get a discount. Say the distance is 50km (€1 x 50km = €50) possible you get a discount of 5%.


Running Total Cost Calculation

Car & Services Price
Toyota Corolla €1100.00
Shipment €450.00
Transportation €50.00
Running Total: € 1600.00

The running total is just the amount for buying, transporting (within Germany) and shipping the car. Thus you will need to add the clearing cost to get the grand total which I will first change in Nigerian currency Naira (₦). The exchange rate is 1€ to ₦400 as of the time of this writing. So the €1600.00 is in Naira (400 x 1600 = ₦640.000).

Typically this model of Toyota can be cleared at ₦400.000


Grand Total Cost Calculation

Importation cost ₦640.000
Clearing cost ₦400.000
Grand Total: ₦.1.040.000

As you may know, we offer car buying service. We do our best to give you the exact cost that will not change after placing your order.

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