2020 Guide For Importing Used Vehicles Into Nigeria

10 Things to Consider Before Importing Cars Into Nigeria in 2020

Importation generally is considered to be a stressful process hampered by many bureaucracies. It is especially more so for vehicles. However, to import any car into Nigeria, you usually have to obtain and provide several documents. Typically, purchasing the vehicle abroad is not as problematic since you may do that online, including payment to the seller, or agent, as the case may be.

The challenging part of vehicle importation into Nigeria is to bring everything in one place buying the car, the shipping and clearance at the port. It can take an unusually long time to get your vehicle from a foreign country into Nigeria if you do not take proper steps. Adequate patients and specific precautionary methods are to be maintained. There are no significant announcements by the government concerning vehicle importations. The status quo would most likely remain while going forward into 2020. While there are importing tools for importers, also there are various factors car importer needs to consider.

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Total Cost of Vehicle and Importation

Novices to the vehicle importation business often underrate the cost of vehicle purchase and importation expenses. In order not to begin the process and be unable to complete it because of a lack of funds, ensure you gather every necessary information concerning the total cost. Even with that, expect to spend more than you have budgeted and so set aside a reasonable sum of money for unforeseen expenses and miscellaneous expenses.

Current Conversion Rates

It is crucial to estimate the total cost of the vehicle and importation. You have to factor in the current exchange rate of the naira to the currency of the country from which you want to import the car. Whenever you are ready to start looking up cars online, do well to follow the currency fluctuations so that you can purchase at just the right time. That would even help you save some money. A forex expert can help in this regard.

Read Online Reviews

It is best to test-drive a car before making a purchase, but if the vehicle is coming from abroad, then there is no way to do that. However, the closest you can get to a test-drive is to research the car online and read reviews on it. That helps you to determine if the vehicle you have selected matches your personal preferences and to infer what driving it feels.

Vehicle Details and Conditions

While making a purchase, you have to consider the significant details of the vehicle. It is not merely about preference. It is because individual factors, such as the brand and model of the car, the year of manufacture, its engine size, etc. would influence shipping and clearance costs. Request from the seller/agent the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which is the unique identifier of every vehicle produced. Use that to look up every information about the said car online.

Maintenance Needs (Spare Parts Availability)

Some may not mind, especially those who are financially buoyant enough to purchase high-end cars. However, for most car buyers in Nigeria, maintenance expenses are an essential consideration, especially when it comes to the availability of spare parts. It is not a problem for most of the famous car brands and models such as Toyota Camry and Corolla, Honda Accord, etc. However, it is for high-end cars and less popular vehicle models.

Reliability/Trust of Partners

You cannot be directly involved in every detail concerning the importation of your vehicle. Therefore, work only with trusted partners and dealers if you do not want to be the victim of a fraud. For instance, unless you liaise with a relative or trusted friend based abroad, you would have to purchase the car online. Besides, in Nigeria, only certified agents can clear vehicles at the ports, so everyone is literally at their mercy. The bottom line is that you should make all the necessary checks and be sure you are dealing with a trustworthy person.

Research the current Immigration Laws

Before making any purchase at all, acquaint yourself fully with all the immigration laws and customs requirements of the nation. It can save you from many possible mistakes. For instance, some have purchased cars from certain countries only to find out that the law bars shipping from those nations. Also, in Nigeria, vehicles manufactured more than fifteen years ago cannot enter the country. There are many more regulations that you need to find out before you pay to buy any car.

Obey all Shipping and Clearance Requirements

It is about having the necessary documents and papers ready on time and knowing the steps to follow. In importation, every step is essential, and you can only get away with missing a step for a short while before the law catches up with you. As you know, ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law, and not in cases such as this. Update yourself with the current information.

Shipping Method

The two primary shipping methods are container shipment and ‘roll-on, roll-off,’ also known as RORO. For the latter option, the car would be driven into a particular ship for vehicle cargo and driven down, too, when it arrives here. There are safety concerns with that, but it is a cheaper and more convenient option. Plan how the purchased car would get here so that you would not ignorantly incur unnecessary costs.

‘Second-hand’ Value

Many often miss this part. It refers to the resale value of the car after you have used it. Specific vehicles are in constant demand and have a high second-value. It includes many Toyota models (especially Camry and Corolla), Honda Accord, certain Mercedes models, etc. It means you can get a reasonable price off one when you decide your time with it is up. To have this included in your considerations, you need to understand the economics of demand and supply.


The bottom line of all this is that car importation can be very strenuous. However, you can make it easier by arming yourself with information. Before purchasing a car to be imported into Nigeria, read up on the laws and requirements, find out the charges you would pay, research the car online, talk to people who can help. And finally, be patient. Importing an auto is not something you do in a rush. Shipping a vehicle into Nigeria, depending on the country it is coming from, can take up to two months in some cases. You need to patiently go through all the steps so as not to find yourself on the wrong side of the law later on.

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