Onitsha is an ancient town that has existed since 1550. It is located in Anambra state and is one of the largest Igbo cities. It has since grown in leaps and bounds in many spheres. In terms of commerce,

Guide To Import Used Cars To Onitsha From Germany

Onitsha has seen a lot of economic development, and it is home to one of Africa’s largest markets, the Onitsha primary market. The location of Onitsha, close to the eastern bank of the Niger River, has made it an important trade center. And the Niger Bridge facilitates the movement of goods from the east part of the nation further inwards to the north and back.

Industrialization In Onitsha

Onitsha also does not slack regarding industrialization; it hosts several manufacturing industries. Being an important trading hub, much vehicular movement occurs in and around Onitsha, but the traffic is still generally fair. At least, it is far from being as bad as Lagos’ traffic. Residents of Onitsha enjoy the privilege of transmitting goods to and from other parts of the country.

Another opportunity they enjoy is the ability to import goods easily from abroad. While the town has no ports, it is not too far away from the eastern seaports such as Port Harcourt, Calabar, Delta, and Onne.

Buying Used Cars From Abroad And Import To Onitsha

Indeed, an individual with a business mindset can leverage their geographical advantage to set up a business for importing used vehicles. This involves purchasing pre-owned cars from overseas and offering them to prospective customers throughout Nigeria.

Why used cars? Because they are more affordable, and there is already a large market for them as most Nigerians buy used vehicles. Contrary to the expectations of many, being an auto broker is relatively easy. And even if you want a personal vehicle and are not interested in doing business out of it, you are likewise good to go. Purchasing a car is something that you can do with available internet and a compatible device.

Top Locations For Importing Used Vehicles

For instance, you can buy cars directly online, irrespective of where you are in Onitsha. The top locations for this are Japan, the United States, and Germany. You may be successful in other countries of the European Union, like the Netherlands, Belgium, France, etc.

Genuine Platforms For Buying Used Cars Online

Many trustworthy auto dealers sell their vehicles online today – both used and new that are available for anyone with a connection to the internet. Well, it is an excellent, robust innovation. However, the most important thing is to ensure such platforms are genuine. Otherwise, a better alternative is to use a professional vehicle-buying service company with an office in Nigeria and the country where you want to buy the vehicle.

Who Are The Professional Auto Brokers

The professionals that offer car-buying services are called Auto Brokers. They ensure you do not pay your money to the wrong hands. And to see the vehicle you purchase is what you get. Furthermore, they take care of the shipment of your car, including clearing and transporting it to your location in Onitsha Anambra State, Nigeria.

How Does Your Car Get To You

Following the purchase of the car, the next step would be shipping it to Nigeria’s seaport. The process should not take more than a couple of weeks. However, note that it can extend up to a month or more. It depends on the shipping company and method of shipment. When the vehicle gets to the port, you may pay a clearing agent to handle the customs clearance processes on your behalf.

Then, you are over the most critical part of the importation process. The next step would be transporting the vehicle from the port to your location. If you used any Eastern ports, that is a short journey, and your car is finally yours.

Key Learning On Importing Cars To Onitsha

Onitsha is one of the most robust used automobile industry hubs in the eastern part of Nigeria. The internet makes it easier today to buy a vehicle from abroad online and import it to the city. However, buyers should be careful when transacting online. Using an auto broker service could tremendously minimize the buyer’s risk.

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