Become Our Content Partner In Car Buyers Broker Network

Here, we reward your efforts. I am sure that most viable content creators like you know the need for a reputable and trendy platform to share their valuable ideas and gain more visibility by generating high-quality traffic.

But this can rarely happen in today’s web without connecting with the right partner and creating original content that tightly focuses on the partner’s niche.

We need you to help the community get deep insights into your used automotive information. So here are the little rules to follow, how it works, and your benefits:

Become Our Content Partner In Car Buyers Broker Network

Our Little Rules For Posting Content

  1. The content must be original (Only 1% plagiarism tolerance).
  2. Only media (picture or video) owned by the creator is allowed.
  3. Only two links (outbound) are allowed to link out from an article to related content on the partner’s website.
  4. A link for a piece of 1000 words and above 1500 two links.
  5. An affiliate program link is not allowed.
  6. Adult content link is also not allowed.
  7. Linking to gambling sites is not permitted.

Okay, it might feel too tight, but let us be sincere. We know this is the only way to grow high-quality traffic for both sides. Now, let us look into how it works.

How It Works

As a blogger or journalist, you already know what it takes to write an article worthy of sharing. Once you finish crafting your piece, click here to sign up and submit your article, and we will get back to you.

Benefits For Posting Your Content On Our Website

Let me introduce the three core benefits for you:

1. We promote your content exceptionally

It is a powerful thing to recommend content for readers. While promoting our content, we advertise yours too in emails, social media, other publications, and even via word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM).

2. You choose the topic to write by yourself

Choose a topic that is comfortable for you but needs to be about the automobile industry. You have a wide range—from auto sports to tips about road traffic in Africa.

3. Links to a website you are promoting (two links)

You can link to websites you promote with two links from your article, but it must have a minimum of 1000 words or a link for less.

That is what you get!

After submitting your article, one of our editors will check it and publish it if it fits our requirements.