Used Cars For Sale In Nigeria At Best Price 2024 – Updated

Why is the sale of used cars in Nigeria a business that is booming tremendously? However, the recent surge of new vehicles with high optimization offers into the auto market? Even the setback posed by the global pandemic last year has not done enough to hold the flow of the second-hand car market in Nigeria. It is not surprising because the industry has always been a hot cake (many see used cars for sale in Nigeria as more affordable).

Deeper Insight Into Used Cars For Sale In Nigeria

So it is only suitable that as the driving population increases, the demand for them increases too. Some buyers claim that getting quality used cars for sale in Nigeria is difficult. Is there any evidence to support the claim? Currently, no concrete research has been conducted we know about to prove it otherwise. Based on the experience of buyers, purchasing freshly imported vehicles keeps them on the safer side. We have listed out things to check in other to have a deeper insight into used cars for sale in Nigeria.

Deeper Insight Into Used Cars For Sale In Nigeria

Finding a perfect used car for sale in Nigeria is not as tasking as some clients see it. Undoubtedly, the used car market around you can sometimes seem to be running out of good second-hand car deals, but there are still many excellent deals on cars throughout Nigeria that you are yet to discover. Why is it hard to find neat second-hand vehicles for sale in Nigeria? 

To get used cars in Nigeria quickly, you need to broaden your search scope (it means you have to go beyond your immediate environment), and a Car buyers broker is built to assist in that regard. A segment on the CBB Autos platform is dedicated to used cars for sale in Nigeria. 

1. What to consider when buying used cars in Nigeria

What do you know about used cars in the Nigerian auto market? Probably you know a lot already, but there are a few essential ideas you would like to add to the much you know about used vehicles for sale in Nigeria. The country has different grades of used motor vehicles ranging from grade A to grade E Cars. Many first-time car buyers find it very difficult to identify car grades, which is usually an issue when it comes to the pricing of vehicles. “Alright,” enough talk. Let us take a look a the grades.

2. Checking the quality of used cars for sale

  • Grade A 

A used car in perfect condition is regarded as a grade-A car. You can mistake any vehicle in this grade for a brand-new one. 

  • Grade B

It represents any vehicle in excellent working condition that has minimal flaws.

  • Grade C 

A grade c car still functions correctly but portrays noticeable signs of depletion due to wear and tear.

  • Grade D

It is the group for any vehicle on the average level. This grade consists of motor vehicles that have suffered significant damage. However, you can still refurbish cars in this class.

  • Grade E

A car in the E class is below average level. Worn-out and salvage vehicles fall into this category.

This grading is based on the vehicle’s general condition, both internal and external. 

3. Determining Used Car Prices in Nigeria

Now that you know the various grades of vehicles available, you should also know that the prices in each grade cannot be the same, even though the pricing depends on what the dealer or seller says. Looking at the description we have given to each grade, you will agree that a grade A Toyota Corolla should be worth more than a Toyota Corolla in any of the other qualities; therefore, the quality of the car is a significant price determinant. This knowledge will help you to make effective decisions.

Secondly, regarding pricing, the availability of used vehicles in a specific location can affect their selling price. Second-hand cars for sale in Nigeria can cost more if there is a limited supply in a particular area –during the pandemic, a sachet of pure water worth N10 was sold for N 50 or even more in some places because it was scarce. 

The demand for it at that point was very high. You may have experienced something similar, maybe not sachet water this time. Still, the fact remains that when there is a limited supply of fairly used vehicles, the few that are accessible will be expensive – that is why online shopping of used motor vehicles for sale in Nigeria is essential. It is a lot better when there are many available options to pick from.

4. Why do you need the used car’s history

A buyer cannot ignore the car’s history and number of previous owners. When we talk about the grade of a car, only a genuine carfax history can paint the exact picture of the vehicle’s condition at the point of purchase. Look, it isn’t enough that the car you want to buy seems flawless. You need a record of the vehicle’s history to ascertain its precise status and avoid having hidden issues crop up after purchase—all that glitters is not gold. 

The car history provides a record of damages suffered by the vehicle due to storm, accident, or theft (if there be any) and the total mileage covered by the car in its lifetime. The following information, amongst others, should constitute the tools with which you weigh your options. Let us now look at the vehicle types that you can find in the Nigerian used car section.

5. Types of cars available for sale

The tokunbo vehicle market in Nigeria is very vast. It comprises practically every automobile you can think of – SUVs, minivans, small cars, buses, trucks, and what have you. Each of the vehicle types represents several brands and models. However, none of these brands command the same level of market demand as another – specifically, they take the lead in consumer choice while others follow. As expected, many market-leading brands are in the second half of 2024. We will briefly examine late 2024’s top ten brands in Nigeria, which would be in the order of consumer preference. 

6. Top 10 car names in late 2024

Let’s run through the ten most popular vehicles in Nigeria.

  1. Toyota Corolla
  2. Toyota Camry
  3. Toyota Sienna
  4. Mercedes Benz 
  5. Toyota Highlander
  6. Lexus ES300
  7. Ford Explorer
  8. Range Rover
  9. Toyota 4runner
  10. Honda Accord (End of discussion).

Nigerians can’t get enough of many cars, but these two stand out for most people.

  1. Toyota Corolla 
  2. Toyota Camry 

Toyota Corolla

Judging from consumer demand, the Toyota Corolla is arguably the best-selling car in Nigeria. It is a famous brand among people of every caliber in the driving population because of its quality and reliability. In 1974, the Corolla was ranked as the best-selling car globally; this shows how much this band means to the auto world. 

The Japanese ride has undergone several upgrades over the years to become what we see today as the Toyota Corolla. Another reason the Toyota Corolla is the most sought-after car in Nigeria is that it looks straightforward but is firmly structured to suit the type of roads we have in some parts of Nigeria.

Toyota Camry

Today, the Camry is second on Nigeria’s list of most sought-after vehicles. This vehicle is not just one of the fastest-selling cars; it is also among the most famous makes in almost every street corner in Nigeria. It is relatively affordable and good-looking, which is basically what an average Nigerian wants.  

The Japanese company introduced the Camry to the international market in 1982 as a compact car. But this changed in the 1990s when the wide-body version was released. The manufacturers branded this mid-size (wide-body) version of Camry as a second-world car. Like the Corolla, the Toyota Camry has been going through a series of reforms to meet the needs of each generation.

8. Making a choice

How do I know what used car to buy? The aspect of choice-making about buying used cars in Nigeria is a personal affair, but getting professional insight to influence your decision positively isn’t out of place. If you do not already have a brand in mind as a first-time car buyer, the article Cars for first-time buyers on our website can provide the guidance you need. Notwithstanding, there are some tips you will find helpful either as a first-time buyer or an existing customer.

Do you want a family car? Or do you need a small car for a taxi, uber, or even a personal ride? These are the most likely reasons you want to buy a vehicle, so you can ease the process by highlighting what you need the car for. It helps limit your search to the segment of autos that suit your purpose instead of doing a random search which can be tiring. After identifying the type of vehicle you need, take a step further by pointing out key features you want your choice car to possess.

What are the key features you want in the car you intend to buy?

You can further reduce the available options by selecting vehicles with features you find attractive and valuable. Maybe you want a car with a panoramic roof, a fancy infotainment system, or anything at all; be sure there are more than surplus options in the auto market to cater to every choice you make.

9. Get The Best Used Car Deals

Do you want an agency to get you the best-used car deals? If you are interested in buying tokunbo vehicles in Nigeria, a Car buyer’s broker is your sure plug for both local and foreign used cars. All you need to do is log on to our website,, and register. After your registration, you can request autos in Nigeria, and we will duly attend to you.

10. Substantial auto-check for safety

This advice is the most neglected by used car buyers; you need an expert to help you run an overall check on the vehicle before you pay for it. Inspecting the car helps increase your confidence knowing that the motor vehicle is intact and worth your money. During the inspection, the mechanic discovers any challenge. It is an excellent time to decide if you still want to buy the vehicle. Here are some of the suspected reasons buyers don’t heed this essential car-buying advice:

  • Some buyers are not aware that professional second-hand car inspections are available. 
  • Those who know about it don’t want to pay for the additional sum it would cost.


There could be other reasons buyers want to defer the vehicle inspection, but are they worth the risk? How annoying will it be to discover that the vehicle you paid for has underlying issues when you get home? You can avoid this by getting a qualified mechanic to inspect the car before you buy it.

Getting a used car for sale in Nigeria is not hard. 

Understanding the rudiments is the magic to making it stress-free. From all we’ve talked about so far, I think our key takeaways are:

  • You can get the best-used car deals by searching online, examining all your options, and comparing their prices.
  • Making a choice is more straightforward when what you want is clearly stated.
  • CBB Autos has your back in the car-buying business.
  • Finally, a good auto-check on the car before purchase is not just ok. It is necessary.

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