Used Cars For Sale To Libya In Germany

Used Cars For Sale To Libya In Germany

Can we get you the best vehicles you can find for the Libyan automobile market in Germany at an affordable price? See how we can assist you to import the right used cars for sale in Libya. Do you want to buy just one car? Don't worry! You will get the same level of support from us. Yes, we know the situation and we work with experts that understand the rules and regulations there.

Let us bring it to the point; importation of cars to Africa has not been more comfortable. Today one with some cash and access to the internet can find the desired car anywhere anytime online. And it is an excellent advantage for people looking to get deals in their car purchase outside the country.

But guess where you can get carefully used cars in high numbers around Europe. Well, Germany is one of the countries you can rely on when it comes to high-quality maintenance culture of vehicles. Libya is one of the African countries surrounding the Mediterranean that are close to Germany. Besides the cost of shipment for second-hand cars is low compared to West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana or Cameroon.

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As we do for most of our customers in the distance, we would be glad to help you with complete buying and shipping services tailored to your country. We are here to manage your importation processes, no matter the type and quantity of your car request.

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Used Automobile Industry In North Africa

We capture the trends of the used automobile industry in North Africa, which based on internal inquiry in our network. And could see a chance for auto dealers there to grow their business by buying cars in wholesale at reasonable discount prices. Certainly, second-hand car sellers in Libya can profit from it because of the short distance they have with Germany, which makes the cost of shipment to be affordable.


Brief Insight Into Used Cars Industry In Libya

Yesterday, I was with a Libyan friend Ali Ibrahim. We met each other at a graduation party in the Netherlands three years ago. I could remember the meeting in Amsterdam. Ali told me that he is into the export of used cars to his country. And that he sees growth for used cars industry in Libya despite political chaos.

After a conversation about the political situations in Africa, we shift our topic to what both of us are very enthusiastic about the automobile industry. Ali told me about the trends and growth in the industry.

He says,

"Despite the political differences, Libya will one day become one of the strongest used vehicle hubs in north African. Because it is the sector that has managed to grow even in the middle of the crisis. Here we do things together as we don't have any political issues."

He further states as he jumped quickly out of the topic:

"It is a lucrative business for me, sending used vehicles from the Netherlands to Libya because my country is becoming a used automobile hub in the North African sphere. Auto importers in Libya import cars in a large quantity and buyers within the country and the neighboring countries like Niger, Tunisia, Egypt, etc. purchase from them. Even individual buyers also have access to the market to get a single car cheaper."

I also learned that in the country's new automobile importation policy, only vehicles below five years of age are allowed to enter the country. And the new system is strict, but there is a way to reach a compromise with the customs in particular conditions.

The conversation with Ali shows me what the Libyans are looking for in the importation of used autos to their country.

What Cars Are Libyans Likely To Drive?

Back in the days, I visited Libya. When the population was barely 5.5 million. I had the opportunity to tour around the country. One thing that impressed me was the way young Libyans were playing with Toyota Land Cruisers in the desert, despite the sanctions on the country at the time. Hardly see a family that does not have sufficient.

Today, a new era has broken into the Libyan cloud. Young people strive to find a place in the middle of society, and their demand for self -determination increases. They want to take their world into their own hands. Among them are youths who have gained excellent skills in higher education and run all types of organizations in the county while others could make it to small businesses like used vehicle importation.

Most popular cars in Libya

Toyota, Kia, Hyundai and ZX Auto have dominated the new car segment. The government and organizations mostly import these makes. However, private individuals import cars based on their choices. And it is where autos made in EU or the United States come in. Libyans import German used vehicles in a high number and it makes the car brands from there to gain more popularity in the country.

Despite the political chaos that has not appropriately settled, the volks can be proud of the improvements made so far. Buying second-hand cars for export to Libya via an auto broker in Germany can make the import process more comfortable.

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