4 Extra Tools For Car Importers In Africa To Start The Year

The year is fresh and full of expectations while the first 31 days of 365 days are about to be completed. I hope your plans for the year still remain unshakable. However, I got good news for you that we couldn’t be more excited to look into the 4 Extras Tools which could shape vehicle importation in Africa and help you make better decisions in your niche market. After some interviews last year with the key people in the industry, we could identify new ways that will aid you in growing your business. We have extended our platform with new tools and have created some articles for you to better understand them.

What are the new extra tools?

1. Book Your Car For Sale

As a result of the challenges vehicle importers in Africa are facing we are moved to extend our platforms with this useful tool to enable them to showcase a vehicle that has not been ship to their countries from anywhere in the world. The aim is for importers to attract buyers for their vehicles before it gets to the seaport where to clear them. You can also find the value or current price of a car with this tool. How?

We know how unstable auto market is in Africa today - just a little change in the politic could destabilize a solid business that has survived for many years and keep it in the darkness without a way out. Use our mobile app Cbb Autos to post your wish vehicle before you buy it - If you don’t have a mobile phone capable of this, don’t worry you can post it directly on our website - you can share your post to anyone that can give clear information about the car or ask questions to the community with our comment system. Most importantly you can manage your posts as long as you remain a member of our community at no cost. We also actively make an inquiry for the vehicle and give you feedback.

We see Book Your Car For Sale to be a drop in the ocean compared with the things needed to improve the industry in Africa.

2. Request Your Vehicle

The tool has been for a while on our website but we haven’t really take the time to explain how important it is for vehicle importers in Africa.

Imagine your business is moving smoothly and the inventory decreases rapidly. Now time for a new importation. Whether you are in Germany or anywhere in Africa with internet access, you can make a Vehicle Buying Request, find out its current price and manage up to 10 car requests every month free. The auto dealers in our network get your requests on a real-time and give feedback.

3. Auto Dealers Snapshots

A reduced version of our car adding system. It helps car dealers to add as many cars as they want 50 percent faster as the normal system. You can also use it now directly from our mobile app Cbb Autos which you can get on Google Play store. Auto Dealers Snapshots

4. Auto Vendor Listings

Are you an Auto Vendor that offer automobile-related services in Germany? Here is good news for you! We can help you to attract more potential customers to your service and increase the awareness of your brand online. In just a few simple steps more people will know your business exists in your city and you can start getting a solid market ground.

The year 2019 has just begun and we are ready to unleash the potentials in our business concept. Stay tuned and keep coming back here for we will always get something for you.

We are wishing you a great beginning in this new year.


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