How To Sell Your Used Car With No Guarantee (Gewährleistung)

It is not everyone thing to sell a car with assurance, thereby fulfilling the condition to fix the vehicle in the case of damage that already existed before it was purchased. Buying a car from a dealer in Germany comes with a warranty of two years that applied by law to any vehicle sold by the dealership. But a written condition signed by a buyer could terminate the responsibility of the seller in the contract. In other to steer away from guarantee, some auto sellers are looking for a new direction.

Selling Your Car For Export In Germany

You will be pleased to know that there is a way to avoid the warranty (Gewährleistung) when selling your vehicle in the country. It can be simple to sell your car for export in Germany if you know how it works. Now let us take a look into professional services for selling vehicles outside Germany.

Today you will see a high number of companies inviting you to sell your motor vehicle via their service or platform. Indeed, some of them are viable brokerage companies, but the case is who can market your auto with no guarantee in consideration. It causes some auto dealers sleepless nights to have in mind that there is an auto he sold, which the customer may return later to claim a warranty. Before we go on, let us take a look at how this affects private sellers and dealership:

An Individual Car Seller (Privat Autoverkäufer)

This seller type enjoys the freedom of legally selling a car without a warranty in Germany. But they must describe the condition of the vehicle to the best of their knowledge for the buyer. He should not hide a fault.

Side Note: Whether you are buying from a private seller or dealership, if you are a buyer, carefully check the vehicle description in the ad (Anzeige). Translate what you do not understand in German to a language that will be understandable to you.

When selling a car privately, you may find in the ad description a text similar to this:

In German: "Das Fahrzeug wird Privat verkauf deshalb ist Garantie und Rücknahme ausgeschlossen."

In English: "The vehicle is sold privately. Therefore warranty and return are excluded."

Auto Dealer (Autohändler)

Within the time of two years from the buying date of a car, an auto dealer must be responsible for defects and repair of it. For the buyer to get the warranty from a car dealer, he or she must prove that the damage exists in the time of the purchase.

German Car Broker (Autovermittler)

Besides the services mentioned above, broker service has grown in popularity in Germany jet a few numbers of people can tell what it exactly means.

What is a car broker?

A car broker takes care of the process of buying a vehicle on behalf of a customer. However, some brokers go further to offer a complete service of exporting the car to various areas of the customer's location that may be outside Germany. If a broker does not have access to a foreign auto market, he or she must abide by Germany or EU rules and regulations for selling used cars.

You have many chances to sell your vehicle for export in Germany with minimal effort. In the dealership jargon, "Export Car" is used to describe a car to be sold outside Germany in other to avoid the claim of warranty. A buyer guarantee claim can make a good sale to be unprofitable. Imagine three months after selling your car within Germany; the buyer came back with a complaint telling you about a fault that exists before he or she purchased it. Anyway - if it is an export car - the seller will not have any reason to worry about selling a defective motor vehicle.

How Can You Sell Your Car For Export?

No matter the type of seller you may be, all you need is an export auto service viable company with a large customer base in Africa. It doesn't mean the quantity of your inventory. You can add up to 20 cars at no cost (FREE) and pay zero cents after selling the vehicle.

Different reasons may make an auto dealer look for buyers whos intention is to export a car purchased from them to a foreign country. One of them is undoubtedly keeping away from the claims of guarantee and also selling new and one-year-old used cars (Jahreswagen). Some specialize in trading very low milage second-hand vehicles as well. If an auto does not match the concept, the best option is to sell it outside Germany.

Trading Export Cars For Africa

Africa has become one of the pre-owned vehicle importers in the world. So looking to sell a motor vehicle with no obligation is surely Africa, the right continent. Not only that, the buyers there need Export Cars from Germany, but they also need the spare parts to fix defective vehicles. To get into the market, you need an export car buying service that works with a variety of auto sellers in Africa.

Do you know why this option of selling your car may be the best for you?

Because you will not be contacted for any compliant or hold responsible after days you sell your vehicle.

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