How To Promote Your Shipping Agent Service For Free

How to promote your shipping agent in Germany free

Are you a shipping agent in Germany and want to advertise your service to expand the base of your customer? Great, here is the chance! We invite you to create your company's profile at no cost on Car Buyers Broker. The first 100 firms to create their profiles will be featured in our marketing campaign soon to be launched in various networks with three months free advertisement space just to welcome them into our tribe. In addition, shipping agents who get positive comments from customers on our website will be rewarded with another three months to feature their product and services.


This freebie is given as a reward for offering a quality solution to their customers. Another great advantage of using this promo is to enable shipping agents to collect figures and facts from potential customers in regard to what they offer as virtual solutions. That is why it is important you provide us with succinct information about your company and your commitment to helping your customers achieve their goals through your services.

Why do we choose only 100 shipping agents in Germany for this campaign?

We believe the main reason why a company should be on the internet is to get noticed by its target audiences by the services offered. The closer the service or product is to the people interested in it, the more they know it exists. Based on this fact, we basically believe shipping agencies would like to take advantage of this free service to promote their businesses. So we have chosen to offer only 100 advertisement space to reduce the competition that comes with sharing traffic on our website.

Do we get paid for our service in the time of campaign?

No - but a shipping agent should make every effort to satisfy their customers with quality services for positive testimonies. The free promotion advantage will only last six months from the day a profile is created and it will be open until we get 100 firms nationwide. We are rewarded, when an agent in the first three months of the promotion, three customers show their satisfaction with agents’ services on our website. In the long run, this is an economical way for every shipping agent to advertise their services and products for patronage and increased loyalty.

The positive comments from your customers secure you further three months free promotion service advantage. We reward you as you make the effort to please your customers for a good six months.

Our Search Engine Marketing efforts for Shipping Agents in Germany

Today we know that it is hard for a website content to get a prominent place in the focus of its targeted audiences without some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. In fact,  it needs regular adjustment and positioning to get to where the audiences can see and trust it. This is the work behind SEO. But how does this relate to creating the profiles for the shipping agents in Germany and promoting their services? Well creating a profile is one thing and promoting it is entirely another thing. Now let's check this scenario:

You bought a car for your business. You wrote your company's details on it with the hope to use this information to attract some potential customers but then you permanently parked the car in your garage where your prospective audience can hardly see the information you wrote for them.

Unlike when you drive the car around your neighborhood, in the city, travels with it city-to-city and nationwide – more people get notice of what you do then contact you. We apply the same principle in the promotion of your shipping agent services. If you are good in run a shipping agency service but you can't engage your audiences - putting your business on a marketplace opens doors to a much larger group of potential customers and Car Buyers Broker know exactly how to do that for you. Try us!

Online Social Media Network

I guess you have created your company’s profile on some of the major social media websites. But are you promoting it actively? Today, many companies have employees that manage their social media accounts and some of them only do just that.  This is to show you how important it is to reach your prospective customers through social media and stay ahead of your competitors. Let’s be honest, staying well informed when it comes to new tools and platforms, especially those that are trending well is a good place to start. is that platform we believe will kick your marketing efforts into high gear.

Mention Your Service On Our Blogs

Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses articles to get your business more online visibility. Understand this, a business blog is a marketing channel that helps support business growth, helps to establish authority in various fields and give answers to common questions those potential customers and target customers might have; which captures the attention of your audience to your profile. Furthermore, featuring your company or the key aspects of your service in a blog can be a great way to give higher value to your profile and win more clients for your business. We submit our blogs on the different channel to connect you to your future loyal customers.

Shipping Agents News Channels

Based on the quality of the information you supplied to us and the package of our service you selected after our promotion time, we can feature your business in maritime news portals. That means, if you have any event or new development you would like to share with your prospective customer, will help you reach more audience.

Simply you send us succinct details and a short story (about 80 words) of your company. It is known that “a picture is worth a thousand words” – with just a single image you can deliver a clear and understandable message to your audiences – so include some nice pictures of your company’s banner, equipment, group photos of employees, business premises etc.


Our Requirements for the Free Shipping Agent Service To qualify for the free service we require the following details and material to create your company’s profile:

1. Company name
2. Company’s Address
3. Telephone number
4. Fax (if you are still using fax)
5. Email Address
6. Photo of company’s environment
7. Photo of your park where you park your customers’ vehicles
8. Photo of your truck you use to transport the vehicles of customers to the seaport

Just send us anything that can portray the key aspects of your service to your prospective customers.

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