How To Organize Car Orders For Car Importers In Africa On Spreadsheet

How To Organize Car Orders For Car Importers In Africa

Used car business evolves but there are some challenges following it and things become more complicated. The classic way of organizing used vehicle importation request is still dominated among the private car importers in Africa. But for car dealers or used spare parts wholesalers that orders a large number of vehicles on a single request - organizing and calculating orders on papers could be uncomfortable work. Also keeping well-detailed records of requests for the future become a hard task. For these reasons, we created a template already pre-filled with over 2100 plus vehicle makes and models entries to help vehicle importers to better organize their orders.

Over 2100 Cars Makes And Models In The Template

You are not limited to organize your car requests on our website but you can equally do it offline with this template which will enable you to have a digitalized version of your vehicle orders and you can duplicate as many times as you want. This template is created with Google Spreadsheet but saved in Excel. That means you can open it on your computer with Excel or work with it online on your Google Drive if you have a Gmail account which is free. However, if you don’t have Excel installed on your computer but still want to work with the template offline, please read the instruction on how to activate the offline mode in your Google Drive.

And go here to download the Spreadsheet Template with over 2100 plus Car Makes And Models entries free.

So What Does The Template Look Like?

Below is a screenshot of the template. Click on the image to download it. You will need to log in. Easily create a free account if you are not a member and get it.

Now that you have downloaded the tool on your computer open it as described above. What you will see first from the left are two columns, the car makes and models followed by four columns Transmission, Engine size, Fuel Type, Body Type and Specifications you may want to specify. The three last columns are Quantity, Price per Unit and Running Total. Scroll down to the bottom of the template to see the Grand Total of your entries. The prefilled entries are only there to show you how it works. You can replace them with yours.

Explaining The Used Car Order Entries

In the first entry, we set to buy 3 AMC Alliance that cost €750,00 each and the running total becomes €2,250,00 which means (3x750) = €2,250,00. Now when you change the Quantity or Unit Price the Running Total and Grand Total will also change.

By this high number of makes and model entries in the spreadsheet, you can be sure to find a vehicle(s) you specialized in. You can also duplicate this template to better organize different segments in your car importation orders.

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