Car Buyers Broker (CBB) Delivers Insights with Launch of Mobile App “CBB Autos”

Dec 31, 2017
CBB Autos AppLagos—December 29, 2017—Today at the Event, Car Buyers Broker (CBB) today announced the availability of their first mobile app “CBB Autos”, After a successful beta version of the app with over 1000 users test scenarios, this simple mobile application assists new and existing customers to connect and interact with car dealers, making it a valuable tool for modern car business. “CBB Autos” is the Metal horse of car apps” said Frank Duru, co-founder of Car Buyers Broker at CBB also a Webmaster and IT-Consultant in Germany, with 8 years of experience in internet consulting and web development, “it is a resourceful app that captures limitless dealerships and private sellers vehicle ads in Nigeria, Germany and the United States and its 59 search filters include every conceivable parameter to find your dream car. The app also helps to judge the market value of cars to make sure you are getting a fair price and even sorts your selected cars by “best deal”. It has all the information its website offers – and it can show you a local and international listing of cars you are searching for.  “We see extremely strong growth rates on our mobile app usage”, shared Frank Duru during an SME & entrepreneurship panel discussion last week.

FourQuarters Consult Limited, a general consultant and business advisory firm in Nigeria, recently committed to downloading the app on all desktop computers and Android phones in its network. “CBB Autos help efforts on advancing car dealership schemes to bring customers new, and expert consultation services. Its latest development which includes innovative auto features will enhance the car buying experience by making it easy to obtain the best possible deals with ease.

CBB Autos helps car seekers find their dream car by matching dealer reviews, car specs, prices quotes and package information for various cars which is tailored to their budget.   Giving a clear practical illustration, if a car buyer in Nigeria wants to buy a car; after viewing vehicles added by car dealers in Nigeria, Germany or the United States, he or she can contact us with the vehicle’s reference number to kick-start the buying process but if the desired vehicle is not available he or she can also submit a “Car Buying Request” via website or comfortably from their Smartphone with our Android mobile App “CBB Autos”. Once a request is tendered we become active in research of this; our registered dealers interested can view the request on our website and app. We also take a more active step to dispatch the request to various dealerships.

Thereafter, they give us feedback and we extract the best deals among them. Then we get back to the buyer to make a choice. When a buyer has selected a car and agreed on the price of the car, then we can work towards reserving it but this depends much on how fast the buyer is ready to make payment for the car. We have several payments options available - more information at our office. Additional charges may arise from;

  • Transporting the vehicle from dealership to shipping company
  • Shipment of the vehicle
  • Clearing from custom

Finally, we hand over the vehicle to the buyer.

It’s as easy as saying “Connect, Compare, Deal!

CBB Autos is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Car Buyers Broker (CBB)’s commitment to delivering the latest car service updates in one convenient installation. The app is available for immediate download at the Google Play Store for Android phones which can be downloaded for free. “CBB Autos” app for iPhone will be available by the beginning of the next year 2018.

Founded in 2012, Car Buyers Broker (CBB) is the African leader in automobile brokerage and importation services. CBB also collaborates with selected professional car dealers in Nigeria, Europe, and the United States to serve the needs of its customers. 

CBB is fully committed to secure you the best possible price for a carefully used vehicle around Europe and Nigeria - by taking into consideration your expectations and financial strength. CBB aims to prevent customers from settling for less by making extra efforts to obtain the best possible deals. CBB offers primarily brokerage service to small and enterprise businesses, government, and organizations which are tailored to their budgets. CBB also offers vehicle and container customs clearance services in Nigeria to further simplify the process of importation of the above consignment to Nigeria. For all services, CBB has stakeholders, trained employees, and partners who have successfully completed every car request and import service request and meet the highest demands of our customers. Get the infographic 

Used  Car Buying App For Nigeria And Other African Countries.

We want to help you to better use our mobile application with this small but essential infographic.  CBB Autos Mobile App Home Screen With Essential Infographic.

Car Buyers Broker (CBB) and CBB Autos App have registered trademarks of Car Buyers Broker (CBB) in Nigeria and Germany.

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