What You May Have Not Known About Automobile Industry In Nnewi

Importing Used Cars To Nnewi From Germany

Nnewi is a town in the Anambra state in the southeastern region of the country. It is, in fact, the second-largest city in Anambra state. Apart from being a bustling metropolis, Nnewi holds a prime position in and has a great cultural significance to the Igbo people. It is likewise the hometown of many famous Nigerians such as business tycoon. Importing used vehicles and auto spare parts make the city a hub for many automobile companies from different regions.

Automobile Business In Nnewi

Nnewi is known for its rapid economic development and is home to several manufacturing industries. Likewise, Nnewi people are known for agriculture; being in the tropical rainforest region of Nigeria has made the farming business boom. However, there is one more thing that Nnewi people are mainly known for, and that means the automobile business.

The motto of the city is 'leading innovations', and when it comes to the auto industry, specifically, it has indeed been a leader. For instance, the city hosts the first indigenous car manufacturing plant in the whole of Nigeria, which is Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing that was opened in November 2014.

Likewise, the NASENI M1, which was the first motorcycle entirely made in Nigeria, was manufactured by the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure in Nnewi. Yet, that is not all there is to the city.

How Nnewi Becomes A City With High Number Of Millionaires


Popular Automobile-Related Companies With Nnewi Origin

  1. Innoson Group
  2. Cutix Cables
  3. Chicason Group
  4. Ibeto

Nnewi Vehicle Spare Parts Supply in Nigeria

Ever since 1940, Nnewi has dominated the sales and supply of vehicle spare parts in Nigeria. An estimate shows that the town controls up to 80% of Nigeria's vehicle spare parts trade. That likewise makes it one of the largest motor spare parts trade centers in Africa even.

The reach of Nnewi's auto parts trade extends beyond Nigeria's shores; it is international. The first Igbo man to own and drive a car was Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu, a feat that he achieved in 1912. When it comes to vehicles, Nnewi city is truly a leader.

Why Nigerians purchase used vehicles more

It is no longer news that Nigerians purchase used cars more than they do new ones. Used cars are usually more affordable and can last just as long as new ones if well managed.

However, the downside of used vehicles is that they often come with faults that may require little or more investment to get it to work. That is the reason why many people who purchase used vehicles typically have to repair and refurbish it before it entirely suits their needs. Sometimes, these repairs can be expensive, but not in Nnewi.

Being a famous town for auto trading, Nnewi residents have little to worry about when it comes to repairs because of the abundance of spare parts. Therefore, if you live in Nnewi, importing a used vehicle is notably less of a hassle. Perhaps the only things you have to worry about are purchasing the car and bringing it over.

And even this happens so quickly. Nnewi has no seaport. But that could not stop the importers from the city of leading innovation to buy their autos online.

You May Also Would Like To Know

A Trustworthy dealer or auto broker in abroad makes it possible. Ensure that you are familiar with the customs regulations and that there is no restriction on the importation of that vehicle. When your vehicle arrives at the seaport, then you can arrange with a genuine clearing agent to help clear the car and also arrange its transportation to your location in Nnewi.

Of course, the agent gets paid; that is apart from the regular customs duties. Importing a vehicle to Nnewi is a very seamless process as long as you take necessary precautions.

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