Importing Used Cars To Abuja Nigeria From Germany Or The US

Abuja, Nigeria’s capital territory, is an essential city in the country. It became the country’s seat of power in 1991 and has since housed the Heads of State and other top government officials, alongside government agencies and foreign embassies. It is indeed one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. While it has not yet attained the status of Lagos - the commercial hub of the nation that harbors varieties of consignment and services for importing used cars to Abuja and other neighboring cities.

Used Vehicle Hubs In Abuja And Co

So far, one would admit that Abuja has fulfilled its ‘calling’, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with cities such as Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Port Harcourt, etc. as an important economic hub. Besides, many business people in the city have found that Abuja’s lack of a seaport or nearness to one is not much of a hassle when importing goods, particularly vehicles from abroad. Importing used cars to Abuja is rather quite easy, especially with the advent of the internet.

Buy And Ship Car To Abuja

Shipping cars from Germany or the US to Nigeria, and transporting it to Abuja is quite easy. However, as with such things as this, one has to know and follow due process. Importing a car into Abuja involves purchasing the vehicle online or via a proxy, shipping it to Nigeria (Lagos), clearing it from the customs at the ports. Moreso, with service to bring it to you in Abuja. You can do all this without moving an inch out of Abuja, which is very good, considering that most people are too busy anyway.

US And Germany Car Import To Nigeria

When it comes to purchasing cars abroad, most cars imported into Nigeria are usually from the United States and Germany. A simple internet search will show you different sites from which you can buy a car from either of those two countries. But considering the credibility and trustworthy of a platform or the seller of the vehicle precisely is of crucial importance. Even better, people who have relatives abroad usually arrange with them to buy a car and ship it. You still have to take precautions, such as knowing the import duty rates for the vehicle.

Buy New Or Used Car

By the way, you may be interested to know that a few numbers of people want a brand new car in Nigeria; it is exciting to be the one who tears the packaging from your brand new ‘machine.’ However, understand that buying fairly used vehicles can save you a lot of money when you import it fresh from abroad, which can last as long as a brand new one when taking into consideration the roads we have in Nigeria. In essence, keep your options open.

Steps: Importing Your Car From Germany

Following the successful purchase of your preferred vehicle, the shipping should come next. The car should arrive in Nigeria within days to perhaps a month while you take comfort and wait. Before reaching Lagos, you may look for a clearing agent of your trust at the seaport - mostly in (Tin Can), or we assist you. Usually, the agent would arrange how the vehicle would reach you and voila!

Key Learnings

Abuja is a planned city, is located approximately at the center of the country. That makes it considerably distant from the nation’s seaports in Lagos and the Eastern part of the country. However, this has never been a limitation to its development. Abuja was specifically chosen as a location that is both ethnically neutral (it is not home to people of any of the three major tribes: Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba, and Igbo) and at the center of Nigeria. Nonetheless, another aim that the selection of Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory was supposed to achieve is economic expansion further inwards the country. You can import a vehicle to Lagos and transport it to Abuja - mostly by land.

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