Importing Right-hand Drive Cars To Places With Left-hand Drive System

Importing Right-Hand Drive To Nigeria

About 78 places in the world use right-hand drive and the remaining places use left-hand drive systems. Cars with the steering wheel on the right side are designed to drive on the left side of the road. Vehicles with the steering wheel on the left side are made to drive on the right side of the way.

Major areas once under British colonies still drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Few significant countries who are accustomed to the right-hand drive system include the United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, etc..

Hub Of The Automotive Industry In Africa

Nigeria, the hub of the automotive industry in Africa with more than 180 inhabitants. You can imagine what's going on the roads. Yes, there is the potential for every imaginable car to find a buyer. On the other hand, road safety becomes a big challenge.

Using Nigeria as our favorite country for this topic allows us to answer the below questions based on our experiences. Indeed, there are some other questions necessary to be asked regarding road safety, but we would like to start with these four that have good connections to importing used cars with a right-hand drive to Nigeria:

But how about the cars that are imported to the countries using the different drive system?

Is there any risk on road users?

What about going to the extent of changing the position of the steering wheel known as steering conversion?

Finally, what is the second-hand value of a car with right-hand drive system today?

It's a land of opportunity and Nigerians are doing pretty well over there. You'll know that well if you're a part of that demographic.

Life's good there.

A big part of that is giving back to those who helped you make the best of the opportunities.

Your kin.

I've seen many Nigerians and other Africans, in general, do just that. And I've noticed a pattern there of what they send, and why.


Well, some of the best automobiles come from Europe. And they buy them from the UK and send it back home to Nigeria.

But, it's a lot easier said than done.

It can present a lot of hassle from right up front, as well as for the near future.

Physical, behavioral and last but not the least, legal. But should that stop you from doing what's right?

Not at all. And here I'm going to tell you all you need to know to do it the best you can.

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Example: Sending Right-hand Drive Cars from the UK To Nigeria

If you’re planning on sending a car from the UK to Nigeria. Then there’s good news and there’s uncomfortable news.

The good news is that in the United Kingdom you’re going to find some of the best cars at lower prices.

It doesn’t matter if it’s brand new or used, the cars that you can get are going to be amazing. But that’s all the good there. However, the challenges arise when chosen to use the vehicle in a country that has a different driving system like the UK.

First and the most pertinent issue is that of the driver position in the car.

In the United Kingdom, as far as the driving laws go, all the cars here have right-hand drive systems.

And it has been that way from the very beginning.

But since the year 1972, Nigerians have been using left-hand drive cars. And it is illegal to get a vehicle that isn’t a left seat drive.

So what do people do?

Why Nigerians Buy Cars From Right-Hand Drive Countries

Now, this is somewhat difficult, but not impossible. Many Nigerians buy cars if they get a great deal on the vehicle.

It involves a process of redesigning the seat and steering arrangement. Have a look at the gist of it and then decide if it’s worth it or not.

  1. It all starts with altering the position of the steering wheel, from the right-hand side to the left. That’s going to entail opening up the dashboard, and then tweaking the machinery quite a bit.
  2. Then, it’s time to set the dashboard of the vehicle into the right position. It is a crucial step in the process and needs a lot of attention to get right.
  3. Now, the mechanic will have to alter the position between the rack and pinion of the car.
  4. After that comes the turn for putting the shift knob of the vehicle into the correct position. It is also going to be as important, if not more.
  5. And now for the final step, in the process, it’s time for setting the side mirror into position.

It might look simple upfront, but it’s anything but that.

You’re going to get the right parts with decent quality if you want to make sure this works right. And more important than that, you’ll have to make sure the mechanic who does all of this is reliable.

Quality of service is going to matter a lot in this.

Are you down for all this?

The Reality of Making this Change to the Vehicle

Well, even if everything goes right and you successfully change the right-hand drive car to a left-hand drive one.

But making this change to the vehicle is not entirely risk-free.

Because for this operation to go well, and keep working for you for a long time. Every bolt that is there with the system has to be in place.

And I’m giving rather conservative estimates here.

And then you complete it even.

Still, you’re not going to get back the mobility precisely the way it was before. And the whole orthopedic system is going to be compromised.

Long story short, you’re not going to get back all the functionalities there was.

The same is the case here, but it can be perilous because of the unpredictability of the whole thing.

Imagine that you’re driving around, and then all of a sudden, this thing breaks down on you.

Your life might be at risk, or someone else’s. So this isn’t something that you can take lightly.

So what’s the best thing you can do to avoid all of this?

Why not bypass this left-right drive interchange altogether?

How can you do that?

Buy your desired Car from Germany

Germany is synonymous with impressive technology. And that is very much the case with automobiles.

The awesomeness of German automobiles is not news, and people around the world want these.

But that’s not the main reason why I’m suggesting you buy your desired car from Germany and then send it back home to Nigeria.

Do you know that Germans use left-hand drive vehicles, just like Nigerians?

So why not buy the vehicle you want to send home from Germany, instead of the United Kingdom.

Not only are you going to get yourself a high-quality vehicle. But you won’t have to go through all the hassle and the expenses for the side change.

Then the concern becomes logistics, and who to buy from? How will the whole deal go down and all that?

Then let me tell you that you won’t face any problem whatsoever with this.

Want used vehicles? You’ll get that.

Want new ones? You’ll get that as well.


It brings us to the end of the article, and now it’s up to you to decide where to buy your next vehicle. Just have it in mind that every change we made in Nigeria somehow influences the automotive industry in Africa. In spite of this, let's keep making positive changes for the betterness of our continent, Africa

Buying from Germany is going to make things a lot easier for you. But the most important among them all is the safety factor.

I believe your choice would be smart and wise.


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