What Items Can I Import From Germany To Nigeria?

Now you have gotten the car of your choice and made all arrangements to ship it down to Nigeria. While seeing your vehicle like a gigantic suitcase, an idea sprang up in your mind to ship with personal items or goods along with it just to save some money, without regard to restrictions on the type, nature of goods imported into the country. Nevertheless, do you know that there are rules auto transporters follow to ensure the perfect shipping of cars? Do you know that carrying goods apart from cars is asking them to take an additional risk? These questions bring to your understanding that licensed auto transporters would not engage in the business of shipping items at the back of your car, which can make the car-shipping process problematic especially to Nigeria.

All right, let us look at items you can import into Nigeria.

See Latest Update:  →  25.10.2019 Policy Of Loading Items On Vehicles For RO-RO Shipment

See also update:  → 05.10.2019 Update on Why Ship Your Car With Items By Container Groupage Shipment?

Items that you can consider importing to Nigeria

Because Nigeria is a country that engages largely in importation business, its market relies greatly on the importation of goods and products to satisfy their needs. Firstly, you need to conduct thorough research on what to import into the country and to be aware of banned or prohibited items from coming into the country through its ports. Have this understanding that before you stuff your car with items to be shipped to Nigeria it is advisable to plan along with your shipping company to ensure they are not contraband items.

Important update:  → 18.09.2019 Update on a new policy for loading items in a car in Germany

Examples of items you can import into Nigeria are:

  1. Printers
  2. Microwave
  3. Computers
  4. Fridges
  5. laptops
  6. Game consoles, other
  7. Home appliances
  8. Sport kits & gym equipment
  9. used shoes & clothes
  10. Toys
  11. Musical instruments

Amongst all, it is advisable not to add Items considered as dangerous, which includes, but not limited to, weapons, firearms, ammunition, petrol and fuel, propane/gas cylinders, or any other perishable item that might result in confiscation by the legal authority. A good suggestion is to check the HS codes.

What is HS Code?

When importing into Nigeria, you need to understand the import regulations. Shipping processes depend on the type of goods and products that you are planning to import into the country. Each item you plan to import has a Harmonized System (HS) code written on the customs and excise journal that you can check before you consider importing. These Codes classify and define goods to determine the rate of duty, eligibility for exemptions, qualification for approved manufacturer tariff provisions and calculation of any other additional taxes and excise duty. Do not forget so fast.

For details about HS Codes, see also →  Harmonized System

What is the best way to ship goods from Germany to Nigeria?

You only have a few options when it comes to shipping vehicles from Germany. They include:

1. Container shipping: in case of moving large, it can be worth getting a 20ft or 40ft shipping container and conveniently filling it up with your car and other items. Using this method, you have much space along with your car to fill. Shipping through container is a safe option to choose against damage or theft during transit.

2. Roll-On-Roll-Off: simply called ‘RoRo’ is a method of shipping vehicles by directly driving onto/into the ship and considered cost-effective and fast compared to container shipping.

Can I use a licensed Auto Transport Company for all my shipping needs?

Yes, it is an advantage to hiring the service of a reliable auto shipping company to ship your vehicle with items to Nigeria safely to save valuable time and money while having peace of mind. When choosing an auto transport company, it is advisable taking some time to read their terms and conditions regarding shipping goods or items in the vehicle. The load weight is one factor to consider, as they ensure the total weight does not exceed as each carrier has some weight rules to follow along with insurance.

If you are looking to move your vehicle with items inside it, but deeply concerned about how to ship your car from Germany, you can read further on how to import a vehicle from Germany to Nigeria.

18.09.2019 Update on a new policy for loading items in a car in Germany

This is to inform you that there are changes in the way you should load items in a car for shipment. Please confirm this with the shipping agent of your trust. However, this is the information we have received:

For cars and multipurpose vans like Volkswagen Sharan, you are not allowed to load items more than the boot area.

But for buses like Ford Transit or Volkswagen T4, you can load items up to the downside of the window level.

Right now people are unsure about what is applicable that is why you need to consult your agency for better clarification.

This is what we can inform you for now until further notice.

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