How To Buy And Import Cars From Germany To Nigeria

A step-by-step on how to import cars from Germany to Nigeria. Whether you are a first-time or regular vehicle importer in Nigeria, following the market trends become very important to make a decision. The auto market fluctuates such that even experienced car importers need a constant flow of information to keep track of the latest changes in this sector, but with today’s media and devices, finding a vehicle online within or outside the country at an affordable price is now easy. Meanwhile, to use a car import service that knows how to manage the processes effectively would make life easier for the importer. And cars for export in Germany are increasing steadily.

Auto Importer Or Not - You Can Import Your Cars Direct From Germany

Today you must not have a dealership company to import your car to Nigeria. You can use the same source as most car dealers. When you find a vehicle in Nigeria, I guess you may have many stress-free chances to get to the location of the car and buy it, but what if it is located, for instance in Germany? Will you process your visa and buy a flight ticket to travel - to buy it? Well, if you have several reasons to travel to Germany, then it is worth it. Here are some tips you will need:

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Knowing Exactly The Vehicle You Want To Buy And Import

Experience has shown that 50 percent of buyers we interviewed are not sure of the vehicle they want to buy. Knowing exactly the type of vehicle to buy gives you more control in the negotiation with the auto dealers. The dealership marketing strategy seems to be similar worldwide. First, they will check to know your level of experience in the business and then try to get the insight if you know the vehicle you want to buy then fix a price for you. Research the car you want to buy, the engine and features it must have before going to the dealers. It gives you the confidence to demonstrate that you know exactly the vehicle you are looking for. Make a compare and let them know that you have found it in another place will likely - in most cases - push them in a competitive mode. That way - you have more chances to negotiate and get a better deal.

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Transporting The Vehicle From Where You Bought It To A Shipping Agent

It is advisable to get a shipping agent first, then look for a vehicle within the area. Why? Well, to find a car not far from your shipping agent can reduce its transportation fare and since most used vehicles mounted for sale in Germany are unregistered. It is also prohibited risky to park an unregistered vehicle along the street. Once you have informed a shipping agent that you are bringing a car, he or she will prepare a space for you to park it.

To drive an unregistered vehicle in Germany, you need a seasonally registered or dealer’s plate number. If you cannot get any of them, better options are to use a transporter or trailer to carry your car to a shipping agent. The process of getting a number and the amount charged for it is not covered here. The best and most flexible solution is to use a transporter. You won’t like a situation where the vehicle breakdown on the way and you will still call an auto transporter to come and pick it up and they will even charge you.

How much does a transport company charge for the car?

They usually charged 1 Euro per Kilometer for small cars below 1.3 tons. However, any vehicle that is above this weight – for example, Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) or Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) the cost of transportation is likely to be higher. But don’t settle for this price - it is negotiable. Ask for a discount sometimes you may get up to 5 - 10 percent discount as of the time of this writing.

Is it necessary for me to go with the transport company to pick the vehicle?

If you don’t have any hindrance - going with the transporter should be the best option, since you are the person buying the car. Your presence is vital to see the vehicle before payment. Despite concluding the price of the car on the telephone with the dealer, you still have the chance to restart a negotiation while you are there and get more discount. It depends on your ability to negotiate.

Pay more attention to the following when negotiating:

Is the condition of the car the same as you were told on the telephone or described in email?
Has the dealer revealed the complete history he or she knows about the vehicle to you?
Buying a damaged car: What will be the cost to fix the damage?
After adding the cost of repairing the damage to the total price, will the total cost exceed the price of a similar vehicle in good condition?
Can you get the same vehicle closer to your shipping agent to reduce the cost of transportation?

What if you get to the dealership and the vehicle is not as described?

Well, it sometimes happens that for one reason or the other there was a misunderstanding or purposely uncover information about the vehicle you want to buy. In this case, the question should be, how big is this difference between what you know about the vehicle before going to the dealership and what you see when you got there? You must not buy the vehicle if there is an unbearable difference. However, I could show you some options to help you make a better decision in the situation.

1. Option – Acceptable difference: Restart the negotiation with the auto dealer base on the vital fact that the vehicle’s condition is different from what you were told before you start coming.

2. Option – Hard To Accept difference: Consider looking for another vehicle within or outside the dealership if there is no way to get the price of it down enough to cover the amount you will need to fix it.

3. Option – Unbearable difference: In the worst case, it is in your hand to know if you would want to leave the dealership entirely for the bridge of trust or look further around the area for the same or alternative vehicle. In any case, don’t go with what is not acceptable to you.

To lose money for transportation is sometimes better than to settle for a deal that the disadvantage will uncover itself later and the cost of fix it becomes more expensive. In Germany, some laws cover you as an auto buyer but it is not within the scope of this article.

Where To Find Cheap Used Cars For Export In Germany?

The best places to find cheap used cars in Germany for export are online platforms for second-hand vehicles because many companies into such businesses are represented online today. Either through their website or they have business profiles attached to a classified auto platform.

Buying Affordable German Second Hand Export Cars Via Auto Brokers

There are so-called auto brokers that actively search for cars and negotiate their prices to suit the budget of their customers. Car dealers usually get trade-ins that may not fit into their business concept and they would likely want to sell the unmatched vehicle as quick as possible.

As you can see, you have different ways to buy a vehicle cheaper from a regular auto dealer. They usually have some cars accepted in part payment for another, which can be affordable in price. Buying cars in Germany comes with advantages but there are things to consider while doing so.

Depending on the quality of the vehicle you wish for export, checking the following things may undoubtedly help you to calculate and make compares to the cars you choose. It is essential, especially when you want to buy online.

  1. Do I need a car with an evaluation report?
  2. Must it be a German used car?
  3. Can the pre-owned vehicle have slight damage?
  4. Where is the location of the car in Germany?
  5. Finally, what is your ability to bargain with auto dealers?

While the above could help you find the car suitable for your needs, we could go further to explore some other ways that will even enable you to buy expensive cars for export at an affordable price in Germany.

5 Ways To Buy Expensive Cars For Export Cheaper in Germany

And that is you look for vehicles...

  1. with a slightly damaged accident
  2. without roadworthiness (TÜV)
  3. the mileages are over 200 000km
  4. that have suspension damage
  5. with the issue of brake system

The motor vehicle damages above can quickly and affordably be fixed outside Germany - mainly when exporting to Africa.

Some people are very skillful in negotiation others are not. For any reason, you may not want to bargain with a dealer but you want to buy your desired vehicle at an affordable price than to take the service of a vehicle buying broker would be a better option for you. Hey, don't forget that buying used cars in Germany has several advantages. So check back as we will discuss -

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