How to add a car as dealer

Take the following steps to add your car as a dealer:

Step 1:
Get all the pictures of the car you want to add ready. Writing a description or providing a well-documented history of your vehicle is optional but it can give your listing top position on our website, in return you get more clicks and chances to sell your car.

Step 2:
On the header right side click the button "Sell or Buy a Car". It will take you to section manager where you can start the process of adding your car.
Step 3:
You can add your car in three sections of our site: Car in Nig, Car in EU and Car in US.
  • Is the car in Nigeria? Please select "Car in Nig".
  • Is the car in Germany or in the neighboring country? Please select "Car in EU".
  • Is the car in the United States (USA)? Please contact us. Only approved partners can add their cars in this section.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you  have any challenge adding  your car on our website.
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