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How do I find a newly imported car?

Whether you are looking to buy a new or used car and probably wondering how much you can afford one, it is ideal you go for a car that fits your budget that is economical in use and does not cost high to maintain.

Which car do you suggest is more economical when it comes to usage?

Buying a fuel-efficient car is ok, but need to look out for cars that offer cheaper maintenance cost with full reliability that saves you much money.

Depending on the difference in locations, how fast can my car be delivered?

One of our core services is to save our customers the stress of moving all over in search of their chosen car. Buying your car is a big investment, with our car buying service; we will ensure the car you paid for arrives safely and on time.


How long does it take to ship my car from the US to Nigeria?

With the use of reliable shipping services in the US, there is a great assurance your car will arrive at the port within 2 weeks safe and sound, depending on the number of people shipping to Nigeria via the same ship.

How much does it cost to ship my car to Nigeria from the US?

Shipping cost depends on the method considered to deliver your car from the US to Nigeria, be it lift on/lift-off (LoLo), roll-on/roll-off (RoRo), flat back, or container shipping. Part of the reason, additional shipping cost varies due to shipping distance, limited availability of routes, and access ports in the area. However, the cost of importing a car to Nigeria is simple when the required documentations are prepared.

What are the necessary documents for shipping cars from the US to Nigeria?

  1. Title & registration
  2. Original purchase invoice
  3. Insurance paper
  4. Passport
  5. The car make, model, and serial number
  6. Packing list
  7. Certificate of value and origin


What makes German cars unique?

Depends on what you are looking for, German cars have a great reputation for excellent handling in traffic, with a perfect combination of engine performance, reliability and confident at the best price for quality assurance.

Can I find used German cars without leaving Nigeria?

With the help of online car selling platforms, it is possible! CBB has over 200 quality used cars in stock at any time. Therefore, we are well placed to supply you with a used cat of your choice. All our used cars come with a warranty, full mechanical inspection and much more for your satisfaction.

How quickly can my car be shipped from Germany to Nigeria?

You can collect your car within weeks providing we can organize the paperwork with you and being consistent communication to ensure your car arrives on time and in perfect working condition.


What will I do if I cannot find my choice car in your category?

If you cannot find the exact car you are looking for listed on our website, do not worry. Simply fill out the car buying request form on our website and we will put in touch with the dealers who are relevant to your request.

Am I legally bound to complete an offer I expressed an interest in?

No. deals listed within our system are not legally binding until a sales agreement is signed; as fas as what is presented to you is the exact car of choice.

Are there any additional costs?

Using car buyer’s broker website to request a car is free and no charge for using the car buying request service. All our listed dealers have committed to our brokerage charter that promotes the best car buying practice. This includes a commitment to provide you with your requested car to the specifications and price listed.


What is the service all about?

Book Your Car for Sale is a service that helps private or commercial car sellers abroad to connect with buyers in Nigeria to sell their cars on time and at a better price. You do not need to bring your car to Nigeria before looking for a buyer. This service is also a good way for anyone to find out the current market price of the car and make a bargain.

How can I book my car for sale through this service?

Because we know how difficult it can be to sell a car on your own, we can show you a better way. All you need to do to book your car for sale is to call (CBB phone number) or fill out our online book form. After this step, be rest assured you will get the best quote from interested buyers while you are ready to ship your car from Germany, the US or the EU.

How long will it take to sell my car through this service?

The effectiveness of our service is very important to us and at the same time for our customers' experience. That means we take also the extra steps to draw the attention of our customers to your listings. Our office in Lagos takes care of the communication with the customer and shares with you the feedback on demand. We go further to promote your vehicle offline in all for us available media – contacting our dealership partners and private buyers. 

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