What Importers And Clearing Agents Need To Increase Trust

What Importers And Clearing Agents Need To Increase

What importers and clearing agents need to increase trust in their business relationship in Nigeria? This question was asked in our last meeting of 2018 to figure out a way of increasing trust between importers and the clearing agents in Nigeria. It raises two concrete questions which I would like to address here:

1. What does an importer need from a clearing agent service?

Today clearing agents require competence, reliability, and trust to develop a good rapport with their clients. Keeping a reliable and trustworthy relationship with an agent becomes the central pillars for a smooth freight clearance strategy for the majority of companies importing various consignments into Nigeria.

To build and maintain a solid relationship, an agent should ensure a stress-free clearance process.

Know his or her job good enough to give a client (importer) upfront the accurate information for clearing the client's consignment.

Also, arrange for transportation could be done by the same agent to ensure fast and secure delivery.

Just think about these two quotes while you read on:

“Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement”
― G.S. Alag
“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”
― David J. Greer

My personal opinion is that Nigeria is taking a new direction as there would be a significant change in the way customers choose who to patronize. So it bored down to the question,

Why Importers Choose Your Service Over The Competition?

By investing more in reliability, you continually captivating your customer - uncertainty is what some customers can’t or wouldn’t like to deal with.

2. What Role Can Importers Play To Help Improve Relationship With Agents?

Yes, we know there was a time we were at the peak of distrust; probably, the old enemy is still living within us. But hey… the world evolves and things are changing people adjust their character to meet with the status quo. Maybe because one believes in them, that is why the change. While some agents are trying to be honest with their clients, some would like to do their business in the old fashion way without minding if any bridge would burn or not. Experience has shown that there is some agent you can trust today in Nigeria, but mind you a long-lasting trust can only be built through a gradual process.

Let transparency be the carrier of your trust...

1. Ask your clearing agent in Nigeria to give you well-detailed information about your job before giving it to him or her.

2. Go through other means to get more details - Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) website could be a good starting point or you search for an independent site that can clarify your consigns.

3. Be realistic in the pricing of your job with an agent and be honest about the goods you are importing.

4. Things don’t always go smoothly between agents and customs and this should be considered. Offer your agent time.

With this little advice in mind, I hope to contribute to improving the relationship between importers and clearing agents better. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestion that is not yet covered here.

How Can We Directly Help To Clear Your Vehicle Or Container In Lagos?

You shouldn’t take us by our words but give us a try. We are confident to create lasting and competitive advantages for you as our customer. You’ll undoubtedly receive high-quality service that contains accurate and transparent vehicle and container clearance information. We would see the areas that could trigger uncertainty and make you feel uncomfortable with our service are treated up-front.

Vehicle And Container Clearing Service In Nigeria - The Overview:

1. Importation Consultancy Of Vehicle And Container

2. Customs Clearance Of Consignments

3. Documentation Formalities

4. Communication With The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)

5. Arrangement For Transportation


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