How to Avoid Buying A Flood-Damaged Car - The Checklist

The cost of fixing a flood-damaged car can be unpredictable thus making it difficult to know what would be the total cost of the car after fixing it. Even a car you paid nothing to get could cost you a high amount to repair. There are several important factors to consider before settling for a used car of your choice. Therefore, to check if the car has water damage that on the long-term effect could can you a lot of stress and money to fix should be definitively among them. Below are the 12 critical points to check: 

1. Musty odor

Check for a musty odor or an excess of perfume to hide musty odors.

2. Inspect water lines

Inspect for dirt or mud stains and water lines under the hood.

3. Check for stains ashtrays

Check for stains in the ashtrays, glove boxes, and other compartments.

4. Check for stained upholstery

Check for stained or moldy carpet, upholstery and seat coverings that seem new.

5. Check for crackling sounds

Pull the seats, push the brake pedals and fasten the seatbelt locks to check for crackling sounds.

6. Check headlights

Check for fog inside headlights or taillights.

7. Control all power options

Turn on all power options to make sure they work.

8. Look for rust or corrosion

Check for rust or corrosion in areas that don’t normally get wet.

9. Check oil and fluid

Check for milky oil and transmission fluid.

10. Dirty water in the exhaust system

Check for dirty water coming out from the exhaust system when the vehicle starts.

11.Unusual engine or transmission sounds

Start the car and listen for unusual engine or transmission sounds.

12. Test drive and listen

Test drive and check for erratic shifting and acceleration.

If you see any signs, don’t buy the car. If you suspect a dealer is knowingly selling a flood-damaged car as a good-conditioned used car or has sold it to you already, contact your auto insurance company or law enforcement agency. You’ll help someone else avoid a deceitful car sales scheme.


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