How We Help Car Importers Connect With Auto Dealers In Germany

One of the things that keeps any business alive is to be connected. Vehicle importation to Africa is no different. Why some car importers in Africa aren’t raising enough awareness to attract more local customers and foreign business partners?

In our recent casual interviews with few key people in this industry, some importers are complaining that it is hard to get the attention of their audiences. While some are saying the would like to have more contacts of dealerships in Germany or the United States.

On getting home after the interview, we asked ourselves how to prepare our system to better help car importers in Africa regarding this challenge.

We could find a better if not the best way.

Imagine how profitable it will be for you if you could get awareness in two ways:

a.  Awareness of your prospective customers

b. Your future partners (Auto Dealer in German) awareness

Your best customer of tomorrow could be one you’ll meet on our platform today.


Let me just tell you a few things:

1. You pay nothing to be a member.

2. In your free premium membership time, you enjoy full access.

3. When auto dealers contact us for a new vehicle we contact you.

4. You can connect directly with the auto dealers in Germany if you want.

5. Above all, we can help you speak the German language and reserve a vehicle for you.


You have a good 2 months free premium membership to test our service which you can cancel at any time.

Don’t worry, after your premium membership time, you can still be a member only you’ll not be getting all advantages. But you can upgrade.



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