About Car Buyers Broker - Import Your Cars To Nigeria With Auto Brokerage Service

The Company

Car Buyers Broker (CBB) is a car-buying brokerage company based in Lagos, Nigeria with a branch in Leverkusen, Germany. CBB also collaborates with selected professional car dealers in Nigeria, Europe, and the United States to serve the needs of its customers. The project is managed responsibly by Frank Duru.


CBB is fully committed to secure you the best possible price for a carefully used vehicle around Europe and Nigeria - by taking into consideration your expectations and financial strength. Our aim is to prevent you from settling for less by making extra efforts to obtain the best possible deals. In order to achieve this, an efficient database of viable business contacts of car dealers in Nigeria, Europe, and the United States will always be maintained to enable our deal brokers to compare various prices in order to get you the optimal deal.

As a result, CBB is able to offer primarily auto brokerage service to small and enterprise businesses, government, and organizations which are tailored to their budgets. CBB also offers vehicle and container customs clearance services in Nigeria to further simplify the process of importation of the above consignment to Nigeria.


For all services, we have stakeholders, trained employees, and partners on our side. With them, we can successfully complete every job and meet the highest demands of our customers.


The Team and Responsibilities

Frank Duru, a Webmaster, and IT-Consultant in Germany, with 8 years of experience in internet consulting and web development. He offers car brokerage service to various clients in Germany, Nigeria, and other African countries since 2012. He is currently responsible for the maintenance of Car Buyers Broker and the purchase of cars for the clients in Europe.

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